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Archive Meetings and Presentations Like Never Before with Audiolio for iPad

This app lets you record and bookmark audio, add sketches and text notes, and sync everything to Dropbox

It's one thing to take notes during a meeting or presentation. But what if you could not only take notes, but also record audio, adding bookmarks along the way to easily revisit different topics and discussions?

That's the idea behind Audiolio, a simple but incredibly useful audio-recording app for iPad.

You can record anything with Audiolio, but it's best suited for things like meetings, presentations, interviews, and lectures. As you listen, you add bookmarks that identify the various topics being discussed, ultimately generating a "bookmark set"--a timeline--for the entire recording.

Any given bookmark can include a timestamp, sketches, text notes, and images. And you can add them during the recording or after the fact. To speed and simplify text entry, Audiolio supports the TextExpander app, which turns short abbreviations into long snippets.

So let's say the boss has gathered everyone in the conference room to discuss new procedures for handling a service issue. Rather than furiously typing or scribbling notes (and invariably getting behind), you can record the meeting in Audiolio, interacting with your iPad only when you want to add a bookmark.

Later on, you can easily return to the important points and listen to exactly what the boss said, instead of trying to make sense of terse, hasty notes.

The app also lets you share your recordings. You can export just the audio file, the text and audio together, a PDF containing your notes, or the complete Audiolio-formatted recording for sharing with other iPad users. And with the right software, you can get a transcription of the app's .m4a audio files.

Your methods for sharing include e-mail, iTunes File Sharing, and, best of all, Dropbox.

Audiolio includes a thorough, audio-powered tutorial that shows you the interface ropes. There's a slight learning curve while you figure out how everything works, but ultimately it's a very simple app.

Audiolio's price? A whopping $1.99. Worth every penny, in my humble opinion.

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