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The 5 strangest iPhone deaths

An iPhone insurer spills some of the weirdest tales he's heard

What do toilets, beer and lifts have in common? They all send Apple iPhones to their deaths, says consumer electronics insurer Worth Avenue Group, which shared some unfortunate tales of iPhone disaster.

Call of the wild

Many broken iPhones come to the insurer with shattered screens. One of the reasons, says Cooper, is that Apple no longer sells screen protectors. Starting with the iPhone 3GS and now the iPhone 4, Apple says that it has made the iPhone highly scratch resistant. Thus, there wasn't a need for a screen protector, in Apple's opinion.

But Worth Avenue Group found that a screen protector helps prevent screens from shattering. Earlier this year at MacWorld Expo, the insurance group had attendees smash iPhone screens with a hammer. Screens without a screen protector broke easily, yet the ones with a screen protector repeatedly did not break.

A screen protector could have spoiled a feline attack, says Cooper. He recalls a recent case that a customer explained, starting with an iPhone and a cat sitting peacefully on a table. The iPhone was in silent mode. When the iPhone received a message, it began vibrating. The surprised cat swatted at the iPhone, sending it across the room and shattering the screen.

Down the lift shaft

The iPhone has proven to be a great travel companion. Travel apps such as FlightTrack and Kayak are some of the most popular in the App Store. It's no wonder that people often leave iPhones inside hotel rooms, bars and restaurants.

It seems iPhones can be lost anywhere - even in hotel lift shafts. Cooper says he's had a few claims where iPhones slipped out of people's hands and through the small gap between the lift door and floor. That is, down the lift shaft.

Perhaps people are putting their iPhones away as they get into the lift, fearing loss of connectivity. Or maybe they don't want to use their iPhones in enclosed places where other people are present. Whatever the reason, many people are clearly dropping their iPhones in lift and a few fall between the cracks.

A series of unfortunate events

When I realised I had ruined my own iPhone in the washing machine, I admit I couldn't think clearly. In one fell swoop, I had lost something that I use perhaps a hundred times a day.

That's why I wasn't surprised to hear Cooper's recount of a woman customer who left her iPad on the top of her car and drove off. The iPad crashed on the cement. The woman, he says, realised what had happened and quickly turned the car around to retrieve it. In her zest, she ran over the hapless iPad.

"We're seeing more accidents, probably because people are more attached to their iPhones and iPads than ever before," Cooper says.

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