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The 12 best Google Android apps of 2009

Must-have downloads for Google Android handsets

This year's Android Developer Challenge showed off an enormous variety of complex applications that let users play guitar, learn about astronomy, get information on famous art or even chase down ghosts. We've picked out the 12 coolest apps.


Developer: Hexage.net.

Function: Game

Price: $1.50 (91p)

This is a puzzle/logic game in which you have to move different spirits onto a totem pole in groups of twos, threes and fours, except in places where there's a start nearby, in which case you can... OK, so this game doesn't make a lot of sense until you actually play it for yourself. But we've tried out the demo and it's a lot of fun.


Developer: SpecTrekking.com

Function: Fitness game

Price: $1.99 (£1.21)

SpecTrek is an app that was apparently designed for people who hate the thought of exercising unless they can pretend they're tracking paranormal phenomena while doing it.

The basic idea of SpecTrek is that the world has been invaded by several ghosts and only your mobile phone can detect them.

The device alerts you when there is a 'ghost' in your area and uses GPS to map out where it is relative to your position.
You then must run or walk to where the ghost is and zap it on your phone in order to capture it.

Oh, and because this is an augmented reality game, you get to see a ghost on your phone screen when you approach it.

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