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The 12 best Google Android apps of 2009

Must-have downloads for Google Android handsets

This year's Android Developer Challenge showed off an enormous variety of complex applications that let users play guitar, learn about astronomy, get information on famous art or even chase down ghosts. We've picked out the 12 coolest apps.

Speed Forge 3D

Developer: Awesome Software S.A.

Function: Game

Price: $1.99 (£1.21)

You're sick of hearing about racing games on your mobile phone, you say?

Well what if I told you that this particular racing game involves high-powered mining vehicles... that shoot missiles at other vehicles... and that race on Mars!

Interested now? Speed Forge 3D is a visually stunning game for a mobile phone that gives you a good indication of just how much potential smartphones have for mobile gaming.


Developer: Florian Heft

Function: Game

Price: Free

Here's a nifty puzzle-type game that centers on your ability to quickly tilt your screen from one direction to the next.
The game typically starts out with a series of different balls on the screen, colored either red or green.

The balls then begin to roll in whatever direction you tilt the screen. Your goal is to get the red balls off the edge of the screen as soon as possible without knocking the green balls off at the same time.

The premise is simple, but the game gets extremely challenging the more you play it.

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  1. Must-have downloads for Google Android handsets
  2. WaveSecure and Plink Art
  3. Celeste and A World of Photo
  4. SongDNA and Solo
  5. Speed Forge 3D and Graviturn
  6. Totemo and SpecTrek

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