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Six BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts you'll love

Make your Blackberry work harder

We love our BlackBerry – its gone a long way to making our lives that little bit simpler. And with our latest round up of tips and tricks, we guarantee it'll be even quicker and easier to use.

Dialing alphanumeric phone numbers on a full qwerty BlackBerry keyboard

Ever tried dialing a phone number with letters, instead of all numerals, using your BlackBerry's qwerty keyboard? If so, you've almost certainly experienced the frustration of being unable to key in the letters you want as part of your number, unless, of course, you already know this shortcut.

It's simple really. Just type the numerals as you normally would and then hold the ALT key while dialing the letters, and you're good to go.

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Access default BlackBerry apps with a single click from Home Screen

Many folks use their BlackBerry smartphones for messaging and web surfing more often than they employ phone features. If you fall into this category, you probably want to disable your Dial From Home Screen option so you can access a variety of helpful Home Screen shortcuts.

To do so, click your Phone icon on the Home Screen or hit the green phone button on your device. Then press your Menu key, pick Options, then General Options and change the Dial From Home Screen field from Yes to No. Finally, hit the Escape key and choose to save your changes.

Now you'll need to hit your Phone icon or click the green phone button to dial a number and place a call, but you'll have access to all of the following shortcuts from your Home Screen via a single click of the corresponding letter key:

  • WAP Browser - W
  • Alarm - R
  • Tasks - T
  • Calculator - U
  • Options - O
  • Address Book - A
  • Search - S
  • Notes - D
  • Profiles - F
  • Help - H
  • Lock keypad - K
  • Calendar - L
  • Messages - M
  • Browser - B
  • BlackBerry Messenger - N
  • Saved messages - V
  • Compose – C

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  1. Make your Blackberry work harder
  2. Accessing default BlackBerry apps with a single click from the Home Screen
  3. Programming Application Switcher as a convenience key

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