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Six great ways to get more from SMS and your phone

Tips and tools to get more from texting

Text messaging isn't just kid's stuff anymore. Use these amazing online tools to turn any SMS-capable phone into a productivity powerhouse.

Of course, Google Calendar isn't the only game in cyberspace. Services such as PingMe and Sandy can deliver notifications to your phone and process new reminders that you send from it. And Kwiry helps you remember things you're supposed to do by routing text messages created on your phone to your email inbox.

2. Track packages, calories and cash

A number of web services now offer alerting and information options via SMS to help keep you in the loop. For example, are you dying to know when your newly ordered MacBook Air will arrive? Forward your delivery-confirmation email to TrackMyShipments.com, and you'll subsequently receive SMS updates on your package's status, location, and delays (if any). You can also monitor your own shipments by sending its tracking number to a special email address.

If you're watching your weight, Diet.com can help you count your calories. Text any restaurant chain's name and menu item to DIET1 (dial 34381) and Diet.com will shoot you back the nutrition stats: calories, fat, carbs, and protein. It only covers US chains, but its still handy if you want to work out how much time you need to spend in the gym to work off that Big Mac. (Answer: a lot.)

Quicken Online can send you a text-message reminder when a bill is due, so you won't have to worry about racking up late fees. Other web-based money managers like Buxfer offer even more SMS-alert options.

They can notify you of low balances, unusual spending, and large deposits. You can even record transactions (great for tracking expenses on the run) or request an account balance.

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  1. Tips to get more from texting
  2. Tracking your deliveries and calories by text
  3. Composing SMS messages by voice
  4. Keep tabs on friends
  5. Transfer files to your phone
  6. Archive your messages

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