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Seven simple ways to boost your BlackBerry

7 tweaks that ensure a BlackBerry runs better

When it comes to your BlackBerry, the more services you employ and apps you run, the more memory you need, which will eventually see slower performance and possibly even a system crash. With this in mind, we've rounded up seven tweaks for your device’s memory to ensure your BlackBerry keeps on running. And running well.

If you like to store lots of images, music files or video on your device, your best bet is to get an external storage card, such as a MicroSD card, so you're not using internal memory for your media consumption. It's also a good idea to do away with any images or video you don't want to keep or other media you don't use frequently.

You can delete media files via PC or Mac using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software, or you can use your handheld.

To do so using just your BlackBerry device, click your Media icon on the BlackBerry home screen and select the type of media files that you wish to delete: music, videos, ring tones, pictures or voice notes. Once you've selected a media type, highlight the file that you wish to remove, hit your BlackBerry menu key, choose Delete and confirm the deletion. Some preloaded images or file types can only be removed using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software.

Optimise calendar appointment settings

Like your Messages application, your BlackBerry calendar stores data on past appointments, meetings and other events. You can free up some device memory by reducing the period of time for which the calendar stores that data. Depending on whether or not you sync your calendar with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and a corporate mail client or frequently enter in meetings and other happenings, you could see a noticeable increase in available memory by tweaking your Calendar app's Keep Appointment settings.

To change those settings, click Calendar on your BlackBerry icon screen, hit your BlackBerry Menu key and choose Options. From there, scroll down to Keep Appointments and set the value to the shortest acceptable time period. Again, like your Message app, the shortest interval is 15 days, but you can also choose to keep appointment information forever.

Erase your event log

BlackBerries keep a record of the recently run events and processes, called an Event Log. Your Event Log can come in handy if you're experiencing a problem with your device or a specific application or service, because it can be used for troubleshooting. But storing all that information also takes up your BlackBerry memory.

To access your Event Log, go to your Home Screen, hold down the ALT key and then type 'LGLG'. To get rid of the list of events, hit the BlackBerry Menu key while any event is highlighted and then click Clear Log. A dialogue box will then pop up asking if you're sure that you want to delete the log. Once you confirm the deletion, your log will be cleared. And don't worry. If your IT department is running device management software along with its BlackBerry Enterprise Server, your company likely has its own record of this event log.

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  1. 7 tweaks that ensure a BlackBerry runs better
  2. Content compression and removing excess media from your BlackBerry
  3. Optimising your BlackBerry's calendar settings
  4. Clearing your BlackBerry's browser cache

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