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25 new apps we want on our iPhone

The third-party apps Apple should support

With Apple expected to unveil the Software Development Kit (SDK) for the iPhone, which it promised to deliver last month, we look at the 25 most useful native iPhone apps we'd like to see available.

12. Simple photo editor

It's great that you can upload iPhone photos to a .Mac web gallery, but wouldn't it be greater if you could tweak those pictures before you send them packing? With a simple photo editor that offered color balancing, bare-bones levels control, cropping, straightening, and the ability to convert images to black and white, you could.

11. Flickr uploader

The iPhone's camera is better than many of those you'll find on other cell phones, but the primary ways you share photos taken with that camera are e-mail and .Mac; it would be nice if there were more options. A native program that would allow you to take pictures shot by the built-in camera, as well as ones synced from your iPhoto library, and upload them to photo-sharing service Flickr seems like a natural fit for the iPhone.

10. PDF/Comic Book Viewer

Someone give us a dedicated reader for rich-media documents. The PDF viewer inside Mail is okay, but what about a program with support for PDF bookmarks as well as some innovative navigation tools to make it easier to read PDFs on the iPhone? And while you're at it, do iPhone-toting comic book geeks a big favor and add support for reading comic books in PDF, CBR, and CBZ formats, so we can stay abreast of Spidey's adventures on the go.

9. Dedicated RSS reader

For those that live or die by their RSS feeds, even the best web-based client can never take the place of a good native program. When you're mobile, that goes double. A native RSS client would ideally let you easily download your feeds and then peruse them even when you don't have network access, but in order to compete with existing web-based readers, it'll likely need to take advantage of some sort of syncing.

8. VoIP

A Voice over IP client (à la Skype) has been among the top requests for iPhone apps since the device's introduction, so we've no doubt that such an application would be wildly popular. It would be a great option, especially if you happen to live smack in the middle of a mobile phone dead spot.

7. VNC client

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) lets you control other computers remotely - think Apple's Remote Desktop software and Leopard's Screen Sharing feature. Since the iPhone is a portable computer, it would be great if you could use it to, say, control your home server while on the road.

6. Voice notes

The iPhone can do nearly everything you can think of, except record your voice. This seems a glaring oversight, given that the device has a microphone, a fair amount of storage space, and is powered by OS X. Adding voice note capabilities shouldn't be that hard. Nonetheless, the lack of an Apple-provided solution opens the door for other developers to step in. The ideal application will automatically time- and date-stamp each voice note recording, and offer a method of synching them back to your Mac. Going a step further, the voice-note application could use the Maps' new position estimation feature to also stamp a location on your voice note recording, so later on, you can listen to what you said and know where your were when you said it.

NEXT PAGE: A Mac controller, a document editor and an AIM client all feature in our list of the 25 most urgent native apps for iPhone but just which one made number one? Read on to find out.

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