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25 new apps we want on our iPhone

The third-party apps Apple should support

Although you love your iPhone to pieces, there's probably been a few moments when you've wished it had some more really useful native apps on it. For example a radio client or dictionary. We certainly have. Here's our round up of the 25 native apps the iPhone needs urgently.

19. Blogging client

If you've ever wanted to write up a blog post without having to contend with clunky web interfaces that aren't designed for the iPhone, then you may be in need of an iPhone-native blog client. Though the iPhone's onscreen keyboard probably wouldn't be ideal for cranking out thousand-word missives, a native client would likely make frequent bloggers very happy indeed.

18. Finger-paint tool

At first glance, a finger-painting app might seem like just another program to keep the kiddies busy on long plane trips and car rides, but it could also come in useful for adults too. Imagine you need to draw a quick diagram for someone, but you don't have a pen and paper handy. Just pull out your iPhone and scribble away on the screen. Your idea would take shape in no time.

17. Radio client

Sure, you've packed your iPhone with great music, but what good does that do you when you want to tune into the ball game or latest presidential debate? With a built-in internet radio client, you've got the best of both the pre-recorded and live-audio worlds.

16. A better calculator

PCalc is a snazzy £9.50 calculator that blows the iPhone calculator away. Heck, even OS X's Calculator can do advanced operations. How about a new calculator for geeks who aren't satisfied with the mind-numbingly simple calculator in the iPhone? Sometimes when you're on the go, you've just gotta do math.

15. Dictionary/thesaurus

Of course, a dictionary and a thesaurus are among the best weapons in a writer's arsenal, but anybody could benefit from having that kind of information at their fingertips: crossword enthusiasts, Scrabble players, nit-pickers who like to argue about word definitions. There's plenty of space on the iPhone for an extensive dictionary, and it would certainly be faster than having to fool around with the web.

14. Video player

The iPhone can play MPEG-4/H.264 videos, but what about DivX, MPEG-1, or other file types? Palm OS and Windows Mobile smart phones are much more flexible in their ability to play numerous video files - a VLC-type player would be a great addition to the iPhone, and do away with lengthy transcoding in many instances.

13. Twitter client

Social networking service Twitter and the iPhone go together like peanut butter and jelly. While there are a number of good web-based Twitter apps, having a native iPhone client would likely be speedier and easier to use, not to mention immensely popular among Twitteroholics. If nothing else, it would certainly edge out the unwieldy and potentially costly option of Twittering via SMS.

NEXT PAGE:A dedicated RSS reader, A voice over IP client and a SlingPlayer are just some of the iPhone apps that made it in to our top ten.

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