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25 new apps we want on our iPhone

The third-party apps Apple should support

As Apple prepares for its announcement regarding the iPhone, which is expected to include the Software Development Kit (SDK) it promised to deliver last month, we round-up the 25 most useful native iPhone apps we'd like to see.

24. Photo Booth

OK, so this is an Apple application. But we've found that if there's one app on our Macs that people can't resist playing with, particularly if they're of the kid persuasion - it's Photo Booth, OS X's built-in snapshot software. Adding a similar program to the iPhone that lets you apply funny filters and effects to photos you take with the iPhone's camera would probably be a big hit, especially with the younger set. And if Apple doesn't step up to the plate, what's to stop a third-party developer from responding to the void?

23. Screenshot utility

Perhaps this one is largely of interest to those of us who spend our time writing about the iPhone, but we've noticed that writing reads even better when it's accompanied by images of what's on the iPhone's screen. A screenshot application would allow us to reproduce such iPhone screens without the muss and fuss of jailbreaking a phone to install a similar Apple-unauthorised tool. And while the benefit to folks in our line of work is clear, we're sure that people who might want to include iPhone screen grabs in everything from presentations to QuickTime movies would welcome such a tool as well.

22. Digital level

Remember that spirit level in the garage, hanging there mocking you while you're upstairs, 60 feet away, trying to make sure your latest Picasso acquisition is hanging straight and level on the wall? Thanks to the accelerometers in the iPhone, you've actually got a pretty good replacement sitting right in your pocket. An application just needs to read and display the values from the accelerometers, and you could then easily see exactly when anything you're trying to hang is level. Sure, it won't replace a professional-grade, four foot aluminum level, but for odd jobs around the house, which are you more likely to be carrying when you need it?

21. Airfoil for iPhone

Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil 3 is a terrific tool for streaming any audio that runs through your Mac to an AirPort Express Base Station or Apple TV and its attached audio system. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a similar capability available on your iPhone? We'll answer that question for you - yes, it would.

20. Unit converter

If you find yourself routinely having to convert yards to meters, ounces to teaspoons, and Fahrenheit to Celsius when you're on your Mac, Dashboard's Unit Converter widget can handle all the work for you. A similar converter on your iPhone would let you handle the same tasks on your next trip abroad while also figuring out just how strong the pound is against the dollar.

NEXT PAGE: A better calculator, a radio client and a dictionary/thesaurus are just some of apps that make it in to our wish list

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