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Palm Pre vs Apple iPhone 3GS

Which smartphone suits your needs better?

O2 announced this week that it will be offering the Palm Pre in the UK before Christmas. But before you spend all your hard-earned cash on Palm's latest smartphone, we've pitted it against Apple's iPhone 3GS, to see just which will suit your needs.

Navigating with maps

The iPhone and Palm Pre both come with Google Maps, which lets you easily navigate and find your location. Although both use Google Maps, the Pre's direction-by-direction map capability is a bit easier to use than the iPhone's.

On the iPhone, you get a new screen when you move to the next turn in your journey, which can make you lose context of the route; the Pre scrolls the map instead, so you keep that context.

Both devices let developers integrate location capabilities in apps, such as restaurant finders, using a combination of GPS, mobile-tower triangulation, and Wi-Fi mapping. The new iPhone 3GS - but not other models - has a compass that lets maps orient themselves more fluidly as you move.

Managing bookmarks

The iPhone can sync bookmarks with your PC via iTunes and save bookmarks on the iPhone itself in a folder hierarchy. The Palm Pre also saves bookmarks in a list, as well as in an array of web page preview icons (the iPhone has no such preview of bookmarked pages). But the Pre's boomarks cannot be managed in a folder hierarchy as they can on the iPhone.

Note that the Pre displays icons for bookmarks in list view only for bookmarks included on the device; it cannot read the .ico files used to display URL thumbnails on a desktop browser.

The iPhone can't use .ico files either, but web pages can include a PNG icon that the iPhone uses as an app icon for that web page if you save it as a web app to the Home screen. Both devices suggest web page addresses as you type in URLs.

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  1. Just which smartphone suits your needs better?
  2. Working with mail folders
  3. Contacts and copy and paste
  4. Working with universal search
  5. Running multiple apps and adding new apps
  6. Navigating with maps
  7. Mobile-optimised content

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