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Palm Pre vs Apple iPhone 3GS

Which smartphone suits your needs better?

O2 announced this week that it will be offering the Palm Pre in the UK before Christmas. But before you spend all your hard-earned cash on Palm's latest smartphone, we've pitted it against Apple's iPhone 3GS, to see just which will suit your needs.

Working with universal search

The iPhone and Palm Pre both offer device-wide search capabilities. On the iPhone, you use the Spotlight tool (swipe to the left when on the home page), while on the Pre you just start typing on the keyboard.

The iPhone can search all your device's contents - including email, notes, music, podcasts, music, and filenames - while the Pre searches just applications, contacts, and (optionally) selected external sites such as Wikipedia. The iPhone's results can be overwhelming, though you can configure Spotlight to search only specified types of files.

Managing mobile apps

The iPhone places all apps in its home screen, adding screens as needed. You can move apps around as desired and place any four in the row at bottom that is available in all app screens.

The Palm Pre places apps in its App Launcher, also in a series of screens, and it too lets you rearrange apps and choose which four apps are displayed in the permanent, bottom row.

You can also type the name of an app to find it and launch it on the Pre. The App Launcher can be confusing to navigate due to a combination of vertical and horizontal scrolling. Although the Pre offers a list view of all installed apps, you cannot launch any from the list - an odd restriction.

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  1. Just which smartphone suits your needs better?
  2. Working with mail folders
  3. Contacts and copy and paste
  4. Working with universal search
  5. Running multiple apps and adding new apps
  6. Navigating with maps
  7. Mobile-optimised content

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