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Palm Pre vs Apple iPhone 3GS

Which smartphone suits your needs better?

O2 announced this week that it will be offering the Palm Pre in the UK before Christmas. But before you spend all your hard-earned cash on Palm's latest smartphone, we've pitted it against Apple's iPhone 3GS, to see just which will suit your needs.

Working with mail folders

The iPhone and Palm Pre both use a familiar hierarchical folder structure for easy navigation. The iPhone lets you move messages both from within the message and from the message list, whereas the Pre allows you to move messages into folders only from within the message itself.

Both devices keep folders synched, though the iPhone gives you folder-by-folder control as to whether synching occurs live or when you open a particular folder, thereby helping you optimise power consumption.

Working with calendars

The iPhone and Palm Pre both display calendars graphically, with event information legible in the day view. Both devices give more detailed information when an event is clicked.

The iPhone doesn't allow you to assign events to calendars other than the calendar in which you created the event; the Pre, however, does. The iPhone lets you initiate calendar invitations; the Pre does not.

The iPhone, however, cannot open .ics calendar invitation files, whereas the Pre can. The iPhone's list view for calendars is a compact display method the Pre lacks.

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  1. Just which smartphone suits your needs better?
  2. Working with mail folders
  3. Contacts and copy and paste
  4. Working with universal search
  5. Running multiple apps and adding new apps
  6. Navigating with maps
  7. Mobile-optimised content

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