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In pictures: the Apple iPhone 3G S

New features of Apple's next-gen smartphone

At first glance, the Apple iPhone 3G S may not appear to be much different to its predecessor the Apple iPhone 3G and the original Apple iPhone, but Apple's newly unveiled smartphone offers a slew of new features plus speed. Here's a gallery of the new arrivals.

Introducing the iPhone 3G S

Apple unveiled its next-generation iPhone, the iPhone 3G S, at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. The updated device is said to be twice as fast as the current iPhone 3G model, with better battery life and a host of new features.

The iPhone 3G S on contract to O2 will cost more than the current models: a 16GB version will sell for £184, and a 32GB phone will go for £274. These prices are for the least expensive 18-month contracts, for a two-year deal, or a more expensive 18-month contract, you will have to shell out £87 or £175.

Pay as you go iPhone 3G S will start at £440, and upgraders from current iPhones will have to pay up the remainder of their contracts and then shell out for a new phone. It's an expensive business - detailed pricing information is now available on O2's website.

Apple iPhone 3G S

Apple's iPhone 3G S hits store shelves in the UK next Friday, June 19. The phones will be carried at Apple and O2 retail locations. The new iPhone will also reach more than 80 other countries over the coming weeks.

We've broken down Apple's new offering into an easy-to-digest photo tour. Click through the following pages to get a glimpse at the next-generation iPhone and what it can do, then make your own decision as to whether it's the right smartphone for you.

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  6. Apple iPhone 3G S: Find My iPhone; Movie Purchasing and Renting
  7. Apple iPhone 3G S: Push Notifications and Tethering

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