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The ultimate Apple iPhone user guide

everything you need to know to use an iPhone.

Here's everything you need to know to get started with a new iPhone.

In the box

Inside the minimalist box, you get the iPhone, its earbud/mike cord, and:

The charging/syncing dock You charge your iPhone by seating it in this white desktop dock. Most people plug the dock's USB cord into a Mac or PC for simultaneous syncing and charging.

The AC adaptor When you're traveling without a computer, though, you can plug the dock's USB cable into the included two-prong outlet adaptor, so you can charge the iPhone directly from a wall socket.

Finger tips Cute name for a cute fold-out leaflet of iPhone basics.

Two white Apple stickers Let your car window show that you're a phone-carrying member of the Apple cult.

A screen cloth This little pseudo-suede cloth wipes the grease off the screen, although your clothing does just as well.

What you won't find in the box (because it wouldn't fit) is a CD containing the iTunes software. You're expected to have a copy of that on your computer already. In fact, you must have an iTunes account to set up and use the iPhone. If you don't have iTunes on your computer, you can download it from www.apple.com/itunes.

Note: You may have noticed one standard mobile feature that's not here: the battery compartment door. The battery isn't user-replaceable. It's rechargeable, of course — it charges whenever it's in the white dock — but after 300 or 400 charges, it will start to hold less juice. Eventually, you'll have to pay Apple to install a new battery.

(Apple says that the added bulk of a protective plastic battery compartment, a removable door and latch, and battery retaining springs would have meant a much smaller battery — or a much thicker iPhone).

This article is extracted from David Pogue's 'iPhone UK The Missing Manual' (OReilly 2007).

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