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The ultimate Apple iPhone user guide

everything you need to know to use an iPhone.

Here's everything you need to know to get started with a new iPhone.

Tip: The iPhone has a Caps Lock feature, but you have to request it. In the Settings program, turn on "Enable caps lock". From now on, if you double-tap the L key, the key turns blue. You're now in Caps Lock mode, and you'll now type in ALL CAPITALS until you tap the L key again. (If you can't seem to make Caps Lock work, try double-tapping the L key fast.)

Tip: Although you don't see it with your eyes, the sizes of the keys on the iPhone keyboard are actually changing all the time. That is, the software enlarges the "landing area" of certain keys, based on probability. For example, suppose you type tim. Now, the iPhone knows that no word in the language begins timw or timr — and so, invisibly, it enlarges the "landing area" of the E key, which greatly diminishes your chances of making a typo on that last letter. Cool.

Tip: In the Safari address bar, you can skip the part about waiting for the loupe to appear. Once you've clicked into the address, just start dragging to make it appear at once.

Tip: If you're a two-thumbed typist, you can also hit the „ key with your left thumb, and then tap the punctuation key with your right. It even works on the = sub-punctuation layout, although you'll probably visit that screen less often.

Tip: This same trick saves you a finger-press when capitalising words, too. You can put your finger down on the L key and slide directly onto the letter you want to type its uppercase version.

This article is extracted from David Pogue's 'iPhone UK The Missing Manual' (OReilly 2007).

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