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Apple iPhone launch: Should you buy now?

Apple's iPhone is released today. Should you care?

Most-wanted iPhone upgrades

No matter how good the iPhone is, it's far from the perfect gadget. We've come up with 25 upgrades that Apple should include in the iPhone 2, including 3G capabilities and various tweaks to the hardware and interface.

25 new Apple iPhone features needed for the UK

Steve Jobs has already confirmed that Apple is working on the iPhone 2, which many believe will be released next year. Is it worth waiting for the next version?

Apple iPhone vs its rivals

It's easy to get carried away with the iPhone hype, but let's not forget that Apple's competitors in the mobile phone market haven't been standing still over the past year. Perhaps inspired (or scared) by Apple's innovation, Nokia, HTC, Sony Ericsson and Motorola have been adding new features to their own handsets. A large number of mobile phone fans swear by Nokia's N95, for example (see our Nokia N95 review).

But how do the major contenders stack up when it comes to usability? We looked at perhaps the three most innovative handsets on the market (the iPhone, Nokia N95, HTC Touch) in a usability study designed to sidestep the hype and discover which phone really is the most innovative of the year.

Usability test: Apple iPhone vs its rivals

The operating systems compared

And if you've decided that you can do without a flashy gadget that's sure to attract the attention of thieves, and prefer to consider all the options when it's time to upgrade your handset, read on.

While Apple has made a big splash this year, mobile users have been well-catered for by various competing platforms for ten years. Some people prefer the Blackberry, some are Symbian devotees and others remain loyal to Windows Mobile.

But how do the various operating systems compare? See our guide below:

Ultimate guide to your next mobile phone

Best gadgets of 2007/2008

Apple doesn't hold the exclusive on technology innovation – numerous products have launched this year, or are currently in development, which could lay claim to the title of 'gadget of the year'. Our guide below isn't restricted to mobile phones – if you're on the lookout for a new media player, media streaming device, satnav or internet TV service, read on.

The iPhone killers: best products of 2007

Visit PC Advisor's Mobile Advisor website for reviews of the latest mobile phones.

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