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15 best Google Android apps for the T-Mobile G1

iPhone-killing tools that are free until 2009

As the UK gears up for the launch of T-Mobile's G1 - the first smartphone using Google's Android platform, we've round up the 15 best apps available for Android based phones.

In a bid to be a true rival to the Apple iPhone, Google has launched 50 apps for smartphones using its Android platform, all of which are designed to make life that little bit easier. We've rounded up the 15 best apps available for use on T-Mobile's G1 - the first phone launched using Google's platform. And what's more - T-Mobile says they're free until 2009!

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GPS-enhanced social network

Beetaun is a social network application for anyone who wants to share and explore interesting destinations and routes, be it a city or a cool cafe. When you use Beetaun, one view of the application offers a map with pushpin-marked destinations near you. Select a pushpin/destination, and you can then read what people have said about it.

Lock up your Google Android G1 with your eye

Biowallet uses biometric iris-scan authentication to lock down your G1. Put the phone's camera to your eye and wait, and the software scans your eye to verify that it's you. The security software also allows you to send remote commands to your phone in the event that it is stolen

Calling a cab was never so easy

CallACab finds the local cab company for you - and it knows your location, too. This application is handy if you're travelling and you don't know the local cab number or an easy way to give directions to your current location and your destination. It works no matter where you are in the world too.

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  2. Create a visual map and keep tabs on your family
  3. Cooking and music streaming apps
  4. GolfPlay and ShopSavvy
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