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Apple iPhone versus Google Android

T-Mobile's G1 takes on Apple's iPhone 3G

T-Mobile G1 versus Apple iPhone continued...

Music: Amazon MP3 vs. iTunes

The iPhone has iTunes and the G1 has an application preinstalled called Amazon MP3, Amazon.com's digital music download store.

Amazon many not have as big of a library of content to choose from compared to iTunes, yet. But the chief advantage Amazon has over iTunes in the US is music that's a bit less expensive and music tracks don't have digital rights management (DRM) on them. That means anything you download to you G1 you can play on your iPod or transfer to your PC.

There was no mention of it at launch, but one can only assume that video content, as with music content, will be also be accessible through Amazon's web-based download service. Amazon MP3 is expected to launch in the UK this autumn.

Features: G1 vs iPhone

G1: Touchscreen, qwerty keyboard, internet access via 3G and Wi-Fi, additional content via Android Market, music from Amazon, built-in GPS, and ‘compass' for easy navigation, instant messaging, push email, locked Sim card, web browsing.

iPhone: Touchscreen, virtual qwerty keyboard, multi-touch gesture support, internet access via 3G and Wi-Fi, additional music and applications via iTunes and App Store, built-in GPS (second-gen iPhone), Visual Voicemail, multi-touch gesture support, Microsoft Exchange support, push email, locked Sim card, Web browsing.


So far, the only official price details for T-Mobile's G1 are that it'll be available for free with £40-per-month contracts. Over two years, that would put the overall cost of owning a G1 at £960.

Apple's iPhone is available with a number of contracts, ranging from pay-as-you-go (PAYG) deals to a £75 18-month contract including a free iPhone, 3,000 minutes of call time, 500 texts, unlimited data and unlimited Wi-Fi access. The total cost of that deal is £1,350.

However, there's too much we don't know about the T-Mobile G1 to make any comprehensive comparisons. One big variable is 3G coverage and how comprehensive T-Mobile's network is. That was a big deal for people considering buying and upgrading to the second generation iPhone.

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