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The 10 most ridiculous iPhone stories so far

Scary and bizarre iPhone tales from the US

Least Valuable iPhone Ever

A man recently attended a Weird Al Yankovic performance and managed to get an autograph. He asked the comic to sign the back of his iPhone, thereby reducing its resale value instantly.

The iPhone of Doom

First-person shooter game enthusiasts are foaming at the mouth about news that one of the original significant games in the genre, Doom from ID Software, will soon work on the iPhone. A clever developer who goes by the name 'Stepwhite' has ported Doom to the iPhone. He hasn't got the controllers working yet, but demo games play from native 'WAD' files. (If he gets this thing fully working on the iPhone, heck, I might even buy one.) Awesome!

The Amazing Hall of Mirrors iPhone

The iPhone's great screen, built-in microphone and camera provide all the tools you need for videoconferencing. Trouble is, the screen points one way, and the camera points the other. But the same clever lads who are getting close to building a fully functional videoconferencing software application for the iPhone have also built a contraption that uses mirrors to direct the image of your face to the camera in back. Spectacular!

Fabulous Phoney iPhones

A Japanese man built an exact replica of the Apple iPhone - almost indistinguishable from the real thing - except for one minor problem: It doesn't work. It just sits there, looking exactly like the iPhone.

Who can top that? China, of course! There are several mobile phones reportedly being manufactured in China that clearly violate Apple's intellectual property, but none has gotten more press than the Made-in-China Meizu MiniOne. The phone not only looks like an iPhone from both a software and hardware perspective, but improves upon it - on paper, at least. The MiniOne has a whopping 3Mp autofocusing camera (compared with iPhone's puny 2Mp camera). And it's smaller and lighter than the iPhone.

Strange Case of the Dangerous iPhone

The iPhone is all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Which somebody did. Atlanta resident Travis Gohr says the big gash on his back, which he generously posted pictures of on Flickr (a post dramatically titled, 'How my iPhone almost killed me'), is the first-ever documented iPhone injury. It happened when Gohr was using a treadmill and his iPhone slipped off, hit the treadmill surface and was launched backward. Gohr's injury resulted from him following the phone's 'trajectory' with his head, losing his balance and falling on the moving treadmill. Scary!

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