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  • News: Open-source Symbian OS expected in 2010

    The Symbian Foundation is on track to take over Symbian as an open-source operating system in 2010 and will put out its first distribution of software for developers in the first half of next year, its executive director said on Thursday.

  • News: Apple slammed for killing open-source iTunes

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation has criticised Apple's attempt to quash efforts to help the latest iPods and iPhones work with non-Apple software such as the Linux operating system.

  • News: Fedora Project releases Fedora 10

    The Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Project has released Fedora 10, the latest version of the free Linux-based operating system, with a wide range of improvements in areas such as virtualisation management, networking, boot time and security.

  • News: All businesses to go open source by 2010

    Open-source software will be present in every enterprise within the year, according to research firm Gartner.

  • News: iPod, BlackBerry, Twitter: how 10 iconic products got their names

    The makers of the BlackBerry, the iPod, Firefox and Twitter all displayed certain amounts of marketing savvy and fun-loving spirit in settling on their products' names. Here are the intriguing and sometimes surprising accounts of their creation

  • News: Yoggie launches open source portable firewall

    Yoggie is allowing open source developers to create applications that run on its portable firewall platform.

  • News: Sun & IBM plan ODF Toolkit Union

    Sun Microsystems and IBM are expected to announce the Open Document Format Toolkit Union, an open-source project aimed at making it easier for developers to use ODF.

  • News: Google, Yahoo & Facebook defectors form Hadoop

    A team including former Google, Yahoo and Facebook employees is launching a startup that will provide professional support for Hadoop, an open-source computing platform that makes it easier to write programs that process large amounts of data.

  • News: Mandriva Linux 2009 available in three editions

    Mandriva has released the 2009 update to its flagship Linux distribution, Mandriva Linux.

  • News: Novell: Linux is driving force for netbook market

    The growing popularity of netbooks such as Asus' Eee PC is boosting demand for Linux, according to Novell's chief technology and strategy officer for Linux, who said that open-source software was an ideal option for systems which place lower demands on hardware.

  • News: Microsoft's Windows HPC to take on Linux

    Microsoft has announced that it will ship Windows HPC Server 2008 on November 1 with designs on challenging Linux for supplying high-performance computers.

  • News: First Windows-based '$100' laptop trialled

    The government of Peru will run the first ever trial of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project's low-cost XO laptop running on Microsoft's Windows XP operating system, putting the nation at the heart of a software controversy.

  • News: Lenovo cuts direct sales of Linux laptops, desktops

    Lenovo is to halt online sales of desktop and laptop PCs with Linux operating systems pre-installed, due to sluggish sales.

  • News: Intel acquires UK Linux developer

    Intel has acquired UK-based open source developer OpenedHand, further evidence of the chipmaker's growing interest in operating systems for mobile devices.

  • News: Microsoft and Novell expand open source pact

    Microsoft is to purchase a further $100m in coupons for Suse Linux support from Novell, furthering a controversial 2006 partnership aimed at customers who run both Windows and Linux in their server environments.

  • News: Ubuntu sponsor joins Linux Foundation

    Canonical, the commercial sponsor of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, has joined the Linux Foundation.

  • News: IBM reconfigures Lotus Foundations for Linux

    IBM has reconfigured its Lotus Foundations software, which includes Lotus Notes, Sametime and Symphony, to preload on Linux distributions like Red Hat, Ubuntu and Novell's Suse Linux.

  • News: VMware further embraces open source

    VMware has announced it is further embracing open source by joining the Linux Foundation.

  • News: Google targets open-source for low-cost laptops

    Google is actively working with open-source developers to integrate its applications in the OS, a Linux developer said at the Linuxworld conference.

  • News: PC Advisor's complete PC support guide

    Computers have become essential elements of our daily lives – when they break down, so do we. PC Advisor looks at the best places to turn for the critical support that can get our systems up and running again. We explain warranties, offer simple call-centre tips, compare repair firms and show you where to go for online advice.

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