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  • News: System76 unveils an 'extreme performance' Ubuntu Linux laptop

    Fans of Linux in general or Ubuntu in particular may remember the launch late last month of System76's Sable Complete all-in-one Ubuntu desktop PC featuring a 21.5-inch, high-definition 1080p display and quad-core, third-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processors.

  • News: Meet the PengPod, a 'true Linux' tablet starting at $120

    The tablet arena already includes countless contenders featuring Linux-based Android, but a company currently seeking funding on Indiegogo aims to produce a new line of what it calls "true Linux" devices.

  • News: New video offers a peek at Ubuntu for Android

    Ever since Canonical announced Ubuntu for Android back in February, the lack of specific product details seems to have done little to diminish excitement over the forthcoming Linux-based platform.

  • News: Did AMD shoot itself in the foot by laying off open-source talent?

    The staff of Advanced Micro Devices' Operating System Research Center has been laid off, according to a report from The H Online, dramatically reducing the company's ability to contribute to the Linux community and support its own hardware on the platform.

  • News: HP bets big on Linux

    HP has long been a contributor to Linux and open source software, but on Monday it ratcheted up its support another notch.

  • News: Android turns 5, hits 75 percent of the smartphone market

    Given Android's ubiquity today, it's almost hard to believe that it has only been around a few years.

  • News: Linux Foundation welcomes new members, as existing heavyweights up their commitments

    The Linux Foundation made several membership announcements over the weekend, welcoming new members Cloudsoft, Cloudscaling, CloudSigma and DreamHost to the fold at LinuxCon Europe, currently being held in Barcelona.

  • News: Calling all Linux Mint fans: There's a new online store to check out

    The month of October may have been more or less dominated by Ubuntu Linux for those of us anticipating its recent "Quantal Quetzal" release, but this week the Linux Mint project made an intriguing announcement of its own.

  • News: Red Hat, Xen, Java, Cloudera prepped for 64-bit ARM

    There's been a lot of talk from hardware vendors about 64-bit ARM servers, but without software the fledgling platform won't get very far. Several big vendors made announcements this week that show software support is on its way.

  • News: Linux distro spotlight: Fuduntu

    It's not unusual for Linux distributions to have somewhat offbeat names -- Ubuntu (named after an Africa-originated philosophy), Red Hat (the creator of the original distro, Marc Ewing, had a red lacrosse hat given to him by his grandfather), and the wonderful CrunchBang Linux (named after the characters usually used at the start of a script -- #!). In the case of Fuduntu, the origins of the name are quite simple: It's a combination of Unbuntu and Fedora, the Red Hat-sponsored Linux distribution.

  • News: Facebook, others back Linaro's Linux-on-ARM project

    Facebook, Red Hat, Hewlett-Packard and other big vendors have joined a project to develop Linux OS software for the upcoming generation of ARM-based servers, the companies announced Thursday.

  • News: Ubuntu moves to new release schedule

    Canonical QA coordinator Nicholas Skaggs announced that the company's popular Linux-based operating system, Ubuntu, would be moving to a substantially different release schedule.

  • News: Torvalds on laptops: Make higher-def resolution standard

    The outspoken creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, called for laptop makers to follow the tablet world's lead in using the highest-resolution displays possible on mobile devices, in a post on Google Plus.

  • News: Ubuntu Linux's Amazon integration gets a thumbs-down from the EFF

    There's been a considerable bit of feather-ruffling caused lately by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux.

  • News: Google's Chrome Remote Desktop sheds beta tag, adds new features

    Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop, a free browser add-on for Chrome is officially out of beta, and to celebrate, the search giant has added two new features to the service.

  • News: Ubuntu on the Nexus 7 project well underway

    Canonical community manager Jono Bacon has announced that testers and developers are needed to help bring Ubuntu 13.04 to the Nexus 7 tablet, as part of an effort to move the Linux-based operating system onto multiple platforms.

  • News: For a beginner-friendly distro, try Linux Lite 1.0.0

    For all the media attention that goes to Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, and the other leading Linux distributions, casual observers would have to be forgiven if they have no idea that hundreds of other distributions are out there as well, each with a particular purpose and target audience in mind.

  • News: Don't like Ubuntu's Unity? Try the new GNOME Remix instead

    We've known for some time that a "pure GNOME" version of Ubuntu Linux was in the works, and following last week's release of Ubuntu 12.10 "Quantal Quetzal," the first GNOME Remix of the software has now made its debut as well.

  • News: 'Lance Armstrong' bug hunt continues in stable Linux kernel

    The discovery of a somewhat alarming bug in the Linux ext4 filesystem provoked a minor wave of panic this week, but project maintainer Theodore Ts'o says it has since become clear that the problem can likely only affect a small number of users.

  • News: Does OpenStack need a Linus Torvalds?

    OpenStack has been dubbed by some enthusiasts as the Linux of the cloud - an open source operating system for public or private clouds. But there's one stark difference between the two projects: OpenStack doesn't have a Linus Torvalds, the eccentric, outspoken, never-afraid-to-say-what-he-thinks figurehead of the Linux world.

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