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  • News: Defence secretary prepares statement on stolen laptop

    A laptop containing personal information on about 600,000 people was stolen from an officer in the Royal Navy, the UK's Ministry of Defence has revealed

  • News: Ultraportable PCs: MacBook Air vs the rest

    There's no two ways about it. The Apple MacBook Air is a stunning piece of kit. But PC laptop makers have been churning out stylish ultraportable PCs in their droves. And the MacBook Air has some stiff competition. Here's our guide to the MacBook Air's closest challengers.

  • News: MacBook Air prompts Sony versus Apple war

    This week's launch of the MacBook Air has prompted one analyst to predict that we can look forward to a battle between Sony and Apple in the computer "catwalk model" wars.

  • News: 'Superior' Mac fans are less modest than PC users

    Apple Mac users are more liberal, less modest and more assured of their own superiority than the population at large, according to a new study by Mindset Media.

  • News: Struggling AMD reports another quarterly loss

    AMD's 2006 acquisition of ATI and the delay to its new quad-core Opteron chips contributed to the company reporting a heavy loss for its fourth quarter.

  • News: Intel Classmate PC now on sale in India

    Intel's Classmate PC isn't just for students anymore. HCL Infosystems plans to sell a version of the Classmate PC to consumers and businesses in India who want a rugged, low-cost laptop.

  • News: Is WiMax next for Apple's MacBook Air?

    While several prototype laptops supporting the next-generation WiMax wireless standard were on show at CES last week, Apple decided to ignore faster wireless networking when building the MacBook Air, which was announced at Macworld Expo on Tuesday.

  • News: MacBook Air: Views from the web

    Steve Jobs keynote speech at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco yesterday featured the launch of the MacBook Air, which Apple claims is the world’s thinnest laptop. But with a price tag of £1,200, is Apple’s latest invention just a gimmicky way to relieve us of a few thousand pounds, or will the MacBook Air become the next must-have icon for the 21st century?

  • News: Video: Steve Jobs launches MacBook Air

    A thin notebook drew a fat crowd on Tuesday at Macworld Expo as Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the MacBook Air, a laptop that's less than an inch thick. Unlike other ultralight laptops, the Air has a full-size keyboard and a 13.3in screen, though it doesn't have an optical drive.

  • News: Official: MacBook Air is world's thinnest laptop

    UPDATE: Apple claims to have launched the world's thinnest laptop at Macworld Expo. The MacBook Air is just 0.16in thick at its thinnest point, and will cost $1,799 (£900) when it starts shipping in the US in two weeks

  • News: Macworld rumours: What's true, what's not

    Steve Jobs is due on stage at the Macworld conference in San Francisco at 5pm to put Apple fans out of their misery with details of the company's big 2008 product launches.

  • News: Rumour: Apple MacBook & iPhone to go 3G

    Banners hanging at Macworld Expo on Monday read, '2008: There's something in the air', suggesting wireless news to come in CEO Steve Jobs' keynote today (5pm, GMT).

  • News: Microsoft backtracks on public Vista SP1 release

    Microsoft made the newest tweak to Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) available to the public on Friday, just two days after the company said the update was "not available for public download".

  • News: Phenom chips delayed as AMD goes green

    AMD has delayed the release of its Phenom 970 and 990 chips as it focuses on speeding up the release of an energy-efficient quad-core chip.

  • News: Video: Negroponte's plan for OLPC in 2008

    Nicholas Negroponte was at CES in Las Vegas last week to promote his One Laptop Per Child initiative, which has so far struggled top reach critical mass. He said all that will change in 2008.

  • News: Q&A: Intel's antitrust battle with AMD

    Intel once again stands accused of anticompetitive practices designed to squeeze chief rival AMD out of the processor market. This time, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is taking a stand in the Intel-AMD rivalry, saying he may sue Intel. This FAQ answers eight key questions about the antitrust accusations lobbed against Intel.

  • News: The UMPC: cute, clever, pointless

    Among the eight zillion products here at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas are some new iterations of the ultramobile PC (UMPC), devices the size of a paperback book that have touchscreens and run Windows Vista.

  • News: IBM pushes to ban Asustek from the US

    IBM's patent complaint against Taiwanese computer vendor Asustek Computer took a step forward recently. Last week the US International Trade Commission voted to investigate IBM's claim that Asustek Computer violated three patents and should be barred from importing equipment into the US.

  • News: OLPC defector plans $75 laptop

    A laptop under $100 could reach desks if a new venture formed by former chief technology officer of One Laptop Per Child, Mary Lou Jepsen, can deliver on its promises.

  • News: Vista users warned of malicious 'gadgets'

    Windows Vista users have been urged to download a new security tool that automatically disables suspicious or malicious 'gadgets', the small applets that mimic the 'widgets' popular on Mac OS X.

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