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Which tablet PC is best for business?

We put three iPad killers to the test

While Apple's iPad has captured the public imagination, these three PC tablets will help with the heavy lifting.

Along one side of the bezel is a control panel with five buttons that emulate the Tab, Shift and Enter keys, plus others (using a separate function button).

In addition, you can press a button to rotate between landscape and portrait orientations. Like the other tablets in this group, it doesn't automatically rotate the screen's orientation as you move it.

For security purposes, you can set the control panel so that it requires anyone who wants to use the system to enter a sequence of numbers (each button is also numbered).

The LifeBook T900 also has a smart card reader and a fingerprint scanner.

On the other side of the bezel is what Fujitsu calls a Scroll Sensor, which is like a touchpad but only works up and down. It offers more precise control than using the touchscreen alone, and it can help users quickly fly through web pages and long documents.

I prefer the Cross-Function button that's on the Portege M780, however, which can work horizontally and vertically.

The LifeBook's 5200mAh (milliampere-hour) battery was able to run for three hours and 11 minutes, twice as long as that of the EliteBook 2740p.

The LifeBook T900 comes with a dial-up modem as well as Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth and 80211a/b/g/n Wi-Fi; the wireless had a disappointing range of only 90 feet, the shortest of the three.

Around the edge of the system are a reasonable assortment of ports, including three USB ports, a connection for an external monitor, headphone and microphone jacks, FireWire and ExpressCard ports and a flash card reader.

Like the others in this roundup, the LifeBook T900 comes with Windows 7 Professional.

The LifeBook's standard warranty covers the machine for just one year, whereas the EliteBook and Portege models I reviewed have three-year warranties.

The LifeBook T900 starts at £1,500. While it's the biggest and heaviest of the three machines reviewed here, the LifeBook is a fully equipped business travel computer that is just as good for typing as it is for drawing or scribbling.

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  1. We put three to the test
  2. Fujitsu LifeBook T900
  3. More on the Fujitsu LifeBook T900
  4. The HP EliteBook 2740p
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  6. Toshiba Portege M780
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  8. Conclusions

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