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Fascinating to far-fetched: 15 concept laptops

Fascinating and far-fetched PCs

What will laptops look like in five or ten years? Predicting future tech trends is always tricky, but these laptop concepts from both PC makers and straight-up tech fans provide a few clues as to what could lie ahead.

However, we've rounded up 15 concept laptops from both PC makers and straight-up tech fans to provide a few clues as to what could lie ahead.


Designer Hao Hua's radical redesign of the laptop replaces the conventional clamshell with a lightweight, foldable roll modelled after artists' storage tubes.

The flexible OLED screen and arc-shaped keyboard fold into the tube when not in use, and the carrying strap features a few easy-to-access USB ports.

How about naming it the Stag Beetle instead?


This effort from Orkin Design has much in common with the D-roll in that both designs fold into an easy-to-carry tube when not in use.

But unlike the D-roll, the Rolltop also lies flat for tablet use. The tube packs the power supply, a webcam, USB ports, speakers, and an extendable power cord.

A flexible OLED display, a screen keyboard, and a stylus (for tablet writing) round out the feature set.

See the Rolltop in action.

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