The web is an unmatched resource for keeping up with the latest breaking developments. We asked readers to recommend the best news sites on the net.

Here we present the top 10 news websites.

Google News

Recommended by: sunnystaines

"Google News gets the best from the web and is updated on a regular basis," writes sunnystaines. "You can also tweak it to the nation of your choice - I use the UK one. I like world affairs, and this is by far the best, in my opinion."

Google News is an aggregator rather than a news source in itself, posting links and teaser paragraphs from news stories written by other sites. (Some news services have complained, but most are happy to get the extra traffic.)

Choose a broad area of interest and Google News will present what it considers to be the big stories of the day, with multiple sources for each. It provides an accurate, constantly updated snapshot of the most talked-about stories at any given moment.

Daily Mail Online

Mail Online

Recommended by: DANZIG

The Daily Mail website, Mail Online, isn't above publishing the odd bit of 'flame bait' - articles that seem to court online traffic by being deliberately objectionable - and is hardly known for its cool-headed objectivity.

But we can't deny that Mail Online knows what it's doing. It's become something of an authority on celebrity gossip, for one thing, and reading the site's rabble-rousing take on the proper news can be a real guilty pleasure.


Recommended by: PP Smith

"Big news often breaks first on Twitter, thanks to its millions-strong army of citizen journalists," writes PP Smith.

"If you want to hear what's happening on the street almost as soon as it does - in an area of political unrest, say - a strong line-up of relevant Twitter feeds (or simply a search on a relevant keyword, if you're willing to trawl through the dross) can be a good bet. There are some false alarms, though, so follow up big leads with off-Twitter corroboration."

BBC News

Recommended by: ukpostcode

The Beeb's vastly popular news site is one of the corporation's crown jewels these days. And free, good-quality online news could grow scarce in the near future, if Rupert Murdoch's strategy for The Times' site (next page) catches on.

BBC News

The BBC has all the big national and international stories on its front page, but (appropriately for a public-service site) you can choose to view only stories that are relevant to your area, along with links to articles by local newspaper sites - a useful touch.

There are also plenty of news videos, and we'd put in a word for the much-derided [caution - bad language] but highly enjoyable 'Have your say' section, where site visitors debate the issues of the day and unwittingly reveal their own prejudices.

Reuters UK


Recommended by: wolfie3000

"I usually check Reuters in the morning," writes wolfie3000. "I try to get the most unbiased news I can, and Reuters seems pretty good with its news reports."

Reuters is well known for its business reporting - the site is well worth a look for analysis of the latest movement in stock prices and so on - but current affairs of all kinds are dealt with effectively.

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The web is an unmatched resource for keeping up with the latest breaking developments. Here PC Advisor readers recommend their favourite news websites.

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera

Recommended by: fourm member

Launched as a satellite TV channel presenting current affairs from an Arabic perspective, Al Jazeera has long had a successful website, including an English version.

The organisation has a tradition of presenting controversial and dissenting opinions; its coverage of the Iraq war, for instance, made it unpopular in the US. Al Jazeera has agendas of its own, of course, but works well as one part of a broad range of news reading matter. And it's often first to report on news affecting the Middle East.

fourm member recommended the site because it "covers foreign stories the UK media is ignoring".

Recommended by: Shay Guevara

We've included Mail Online (previous page), so here's a bit of balance from the left.

In fact, we'd argue that the merits of The Guardian's website transcend political orientation. It's a triumph of humane design, with plenty of hooks - images, picture bylines and boxed-off sub-sections - scattered across the home page to draw you into stories.


With the resources of a national paper, The Guardian has its share of news scoops, but we're impressed by the innovations that the online team have dreamed up, such as minute-by-minute sports reports - now widely offered elsewhere, but first seen here - and multimedia.

Yahoo News

Recommended by: ella33

ella33 reported that Yahoo News "often throws up something I hadn't seen anywhere else".

It's yet another aggregator, but instead of taking you to other sites, Yahoo presents stories by various news services on Yahoo-branded pages, giving it a more coherent feel.

News Now

Recommended by: dagbladet

"News Now constantly scans thousands of news feeds from across the globe," says dagbladet. "Insert a keyword and it will produce results within seconds."

News Now is an aggregator, but it only shows headlines, not opening paragraphs. Nice features include the ability to hide or highlight publications and a list of Hot Topics.

The Times

Recommended by: Clifford

Unusually among newspapers, The Times charges for access to its website; but it might not be unusual for long, if the strategy works out.

The Times iPad app

A stand-out perk of buying a digital subscription is the iPad edition that's included - a slick, elegant app that's a pleasure to use. Easy on the eye and advert-light, it looks far more like an actual paper than your average news website, with the added benefits of embedded video and over-the-air updates.

But can it compete with an internet full of free rivals? Watch this space. (also available from iTunes App Store)

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