Slow-loading websites are the biggest internet complaint for Great Britain's web users, according to research from 1&1 Internet. The average UK and Northern Ireland internet user wastes 2.5 days per year waiting for slow websites to load. Waiting for sites to load elicits a 'negative emotional response' from more than 52 percent of Britons. Such grumpy responses range from 'short temperedness' (35 percent) to 'physical aggression' (7 percent).

According to the survey of 1,631 adults, interviewed in the UK and Northern Ireland by Tickbox.Net during April 2007, the citizens of Northern Ireland were most affected by the website-loading malaise. Twenty-two percent of those surveyed said websites either loading slowly or failing to load made them want to "throw their computers out of the window".

The figure is more than twice the national base. It may be explained by the fact that the corresponding number of Northern Irish residents estimate they waste more than 30 minutes per day waiting for slow websites to load.

Northern Ireland: hotbed of web rage

The study also found that an overwhelming 85 percent of users (which extrapolates to approximately 31.5 million Britons), claim that their perception of a business is negatively affected by a slow-loading website. This feeling is immediately translated into the way consumers source information. More than 90 percent of respondents said they would seek a competitor website for information, products and services if they felt they'd waited too long for a website to load.

The survey indicated that 82 percent of UK internet users won't wait for more than a minute for a website to load, 53 percent switch to an alternative source after 30 seconds, and 25 percent after only 10 seconds.

Women are more patient with websites than men. More than 20 percent of women are prepared to wait between one and five minutes, compared to just 9 percent of men.

However, the survey indicates that women are prepared to wait longer for a website to load, but they were more likely to get short tempered or feel aggressive in their actions when faced with a slow website.

Women are also more reluctant than men to inform the owner of a website of any problems. 1&1 Internet, is the world's largest web host by known servers and Europe's largest domain name register.