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  • News: Microsoft warning over three 'critical' patches

    Seven security bulletins that patch 11 vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and other parts of the operating system are now available following Microsoft's monthly Patch Tuesday update. Two of the bugs are currently being exploited by attackers, Microsoft confirmed.

  • News: Ask.com offers AskEraser tool to protect privacy

    Ask.com has added a new privacy feature called AskEraser that deletes a user's search activity data from the search engine's servers.

  • News: Microsoft fixes Windows Live Foldershare

    Microsoft said it has fixed a bug in its Windows Live FolderShare online file storage and sharing service after users reported that the service was deleting files without user authorisation.

  • News: Skype apologises for forgetting 'critical' patch

    Skype has apologised for a PR blunder after failing to notify users a month ago that it had patched the Windows version of its voice-over-IP (VoIP) client software against a critical bug. Company spokesman Villu Arak apologised for the blunder, which Skype called an "unintentional communication oversight".

  • News: Microsoft offers Live Office Workspace beta

    A limited beta of Microsoft's Live Office Workspace collaboration tool has been launched, although the software giant said most people won't be able to try out the service for at least several weeks.

  • News: Microsoft takes MSN Mobile ads to the US

    Adverts are now being delivered to mobile users of Microsoft's MSN site in the US, with Paramount Pictures and Jaguar Cars North America among the first companies to advertise on MSN Mobile.

  • News: LinkedIn goes for Facebook interaction

    LinkedIn will let developers build applications for its professional-networking site, an approach recently undertaken by social-networking competitor Facebook, to make its site more interactive, the company said today.

  • News: Be launches broadband-enabled CCTV system

    UK broadband operator Be has released a home CCTV security system that works over broadband. The Be home monitor service consists of a wireless indoor camera that connects to the Be Broadband service, and users 'arm' the camera when they leave the house by pressing the 'Armed' button on a keyfob remote.

  • News: Gmail accounts disabled by mistake

    Google mistakenly disabled the Gmail accounts of an undetermined number of users due to an apparently overzealous attempt by the company to combat spammers.

  • News: Google & Yahoo open to 'poisoned cache' exploit

    The cache engines of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN Live are still providing a safe hiding place for malicious code – a year after the problem first came to light, according to security firm Aladdin.

  • News: Microsoft demonstrates real online scams

    Microsoft this week teamed up with Prevx and Get Safe Online to demonstrate the real-life, online scams that criminals use to steal from PC users. Their message was simple: secure your PC, and do it today.

  • News: Online applications: spending one week on the web

    When Scott Spanbauer gave up desktop software applications for one week, working solely on the web, he loved it so much he still hasn't gone back to the desktop

  • News: Ofcom forces VoIP firms to connect '999' calls

    Ofcom has ruled that all VoIP providers that connect to the UK public switched telephone network (PSTN), must modify their systems to allow 999 or 112 telephone calls to be made, if they don't already do so.

  • News: The 20 most notable Facebook apps

    Third-party developers think they see gold in Facebook, and they're flocking to write free applications for the site, which is a development platform in its own right. We've listed our favourite Facebook applications in a variety of categories, from the useful to the sublime to the ridiculous.

  • News: Gates hammered over IE 8.0 secrecy

    A web standards advocate has told Bill Gates that Microsoft's secrecy over the next version of Internet Explorer has alienated web developers.

  • News: Facebook CEO unrepentant over privacy threat

    Facebook's CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg has profusely apologised for missteps in the design and deployment of the Beacon ad system, but he remains unrepentant about what privacy advocates consider a particularly egregious feature.

  • News: iGoogle gets Elections 2008 gadget

    Google has released an elections gadget designed to help iGoogle users keep up to date with the latest political news in the US.

  • News: Fasthosts hack forces UK sites offline

    A hacking attack on web hosting firm Fasthosts forced the UK firm to shut down some of its customers' websites. Hackers targeted Fasthost’s database, which contains the financial details, email addresses and passwords of over a million businesses for which Fasthosts hosts websites. Whether or how the thieves have used the stolen data is not yet known.

  • News: UK site starts Apple iTunes price war

    UK online music service 7digital is undercutting Apple’s iTunes Store by offering DRM-free tracks for "as low as 10p each".

  • News: Facebook caves after privacy faux pax

    Facebook has caved to users by announcing a new privacy control to allow users to turn off the controversial Beacon advertising system. The social-networking site came under heavy criticism from users and privacy advocates when a security researcher revealed that Beacon tracks user activities on third-party partner sites.

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