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  • News: Nokia bundles Wi-Fi on mobile phones

    Nokia is going to bundle Devicescape software on mobile phones in the Nokia E and N series. The software will log in automatically to Wi-Fi hotspots.

  • News: UK internet users addicted to social networking

    British internet users are the social-networking addicts of Europe, according to figures released today.

  • News: George Harrison music available on Apple iTunes

    Yesterday Apple announced the release of George Harrison's musical catalogue on its Apple iTunes music store.

  • News: Mozilla says goodbye to Thunderbird developers

    The only two paid developers working on the Thunderbird email client have quit Mozilla, just three weeks after Mozilla spun off Thunderbird to a new subsidiary.

  • News: Google buys Jaiku, mobile phone software

    Google yesterday acquired Jaiku - purchasing a product called Jaiku Mobile. Jaiku Mobile is a software application for mobile phones that enables users to post and browse short messages called "jaikus".

  • News: Google Search Appliance gets universal search

    Google is set to upgrade its Google Search Appliance with native support for ECM (enterprise content management) systems such as EMC's Documentum, IBM's FileNet, Open Text's LiveLink and Microsoft's SharePoint.

  • News: Google AdSense delivers ad-supported video clips

    Web publishers part of Google's AdSense advert-distribution network will now be able to make money by offering ad-supported video clips from Google's YouTube video-sharing site.

  • News: Lax passwords expose quarter of PC users to theft

    Research today reveals that lax password habits are leaving a quarter of people in serious danger of falling victim to online fraud.

  • News: Identity fraud affects three in four Britons

    Seventy-nine percent of UK PC users are still being careless with their personal data online.

  • News: Facebook launches simplified API for developers

    Facebook has made it easier for developers to embed PHP by developing a simplified API and then releasing its PHPEmbed library.

  • News: UK job search websites hit by slowdown

    In September 2007 online recruitment dropped in the UK. The job-search website slowdown follows a small increase in hiring demand during August, according to the Monster Employment Index.

  • News: Get a degree and become a master hacker

    An online training company is offering a master's degree program in security science.

  • News: File-sharing woman to appeal huge RIAA fine

    A woman last week ordered to pay $222,000 for illegally downloading and sharing music files is to appeal the case. Jammie Thomas said on her Myspace.com blog that the appeal was announced by her lawyer, Brian Toder, in an interview with CNN.

  • News: eBay server hacked, users locked out

    A hacker broke into an eBay server last week, suspending the accounts of a "very small" number of members, according to eBay.

  • News: Testcard TV launches, offers free online TV

    Yesterday Testcard TV was made generally available following trials. Testcard TV offers free online TV, movies and music videos, by aggregating content hosted on third-party platforms such as YouTube, as well as mainstream broadcasters such as Channel 4. No content is hosted or managed by Testcard TV.

  • News: Illegal file-sharing still growing

    If 20,000-plus lawsuits by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) aren't enough to show US residents that the unauthorised sharing of music files will cause legal problems, now there's a $222,000 jury verdict against a Minnesota woman.

  • News: Yahoo holds Open Hack Day in India

    Yahoo last week held Open Hack Day in Bangalore, India. Yahoo held the event on 5 and 6 October in a bid to build an ecosystem of external developers familiar with the company's technologies.

  • News: Motorola to supply wireless broadband in Taiwan

    Motorola will supply WiMax wireless broadband networking equipment to a Taiwanese WiMax licence winner. Taiwan is one of the staunchest promoters of WiMax outside of the US, seeing the technology as a good way to spread broadband internet access throughout the island, which includes remote mountain villages and sparsely populated islands. The government has proposed its M-Taiwan project, to speed up internet mobility and encourage companies on the island to invest more in building products for WiMax, 3G (third generation telecommunications) and other wireless technologies.

  • News: The 15 most important days in web history

    The internet has a long and well-documented history, but which moments have contributed to define the web as we now know it? We've chronicled the 15 greatest moments that we think have shaped the internet. Do you agree with our choices?

  • News: Spammers hit YouTube's email servers

    Spammers are using YouTube’s servers to send massive quantities of unsolicited email, according to security firm Marshal.

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