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  • News: YouTube pays UK contributors

    The YouTube Partner Programme that offers users the chance to make money from videos they post on the site is being launched in the UK.

  • News: Critical Firefox fix coming next week

    Mozilla has bumped up the threat ranking for an unpatched Firefox bug to 'high', but promised a fix is coming in Version, now slated for release on February 5.

  • News: African spammers plead guilty to fraud

    The US Department of Justice (DoJ) announced yesterday that three people had pleaded guilty to charges related to spam email that promised victims millions of dollars from an estate and a lottery.

  • News: Search evolution: new ways to get better results

    We've dug out some internet search sites and services that will add voice recognition and results focused on meaning. But it may be that Microsoft's fresh-looking Tafiti engine makes the biggest splash of all.

  • News: Firefox closes in on IE with 30% share

    Firefox continued its assault on Internet Explorer's domination of the web browser market last year, finishing 2007 with nearly 30 percent of the European market, according to French web metrics firm XiTi Monitor.

  • News: Cut-price eBay launching worldwide

    eBay is to slash the cost of listing items on the online auction site by between 25 and 50 percent, while increasing the fees for sold items.

  • News: MySpace opens developer platform

    Programmers can pre-register for the MySpace Developer Platform today, ahead of the service's launch next week.

  • News: Rigged Word docs used to attack Windows PCs

    Security software developer Trend Micro has warned PC users of new email attacks which use rigged Microsoft Word documents

  • News: The ultimate guide to eBay safety

    Ask any user about eBay and, for every success story you hear, there’ll also be one regarding fraud or payment scams. In fact, according to the FBI, which tracks online fraud via its Internet Crime Complaint Center, auction scams have averaged more than half of all online fraud complaints.

  • News: Blow to EU music piracy crackdown

    In a blow against the music industry, the European Court of Justice has ruled that EU countries don't have to require internet service providers to reveal subscriber data for use in civil cases.

  • News: Video: 'Windows 7' leaked online

    Is this the face of Windows 7, the follow-up to Windows Vista that's not due out until late 2009 or early 2010?

  • News: U2 manager calls for heavy-handed ISP tactics

    Music fans illegally downloading songs could be subject to a 'three strikes and you’re out' rule, which will see their internet connections severed.

  • News: Facebook apps to appear on other sites

    Applications designed to run on Facebook could soon find their way onto other websites, after the social-networking firm launched a new JavaScript client library which ends the restriction that prevented developers from running Facebook applications on competitors' sites.

  • News: False start for Qtrax's 'free' music service

    Digital music users are being given the chance to legally download songs for free. Qtrax is a new online file-sharing service that offers unlimited, free music downloads that are compatible with iPods.

  • News: Police investigate 125mph YouTube clip

    Police are investigating a video clip posted on YouTube which shows a motorist driving at 125mph on a motorway. The three minute film shows other motorists swerving to avoid the car in the outside lane of the M23 in Sussex.

  • News: Free broadband upgrade from Virgin Media

    Virgin Media customers currently receiving a 4Mbps broadband service will receive a free upgrade to 10Mbps.

  • News: Amazon's iTunes killer coming to the UK

    Amazon's music download store could come to the UK this year, after the online retailer announced plans to start selling MP3 tracks via its international websites during 2008.

  • News: Last.fm releases free music download service

    A free music service that promises to pay unsigned artists royalties every time a user streams a track to their computer has been launched.

  • News: Google lets users see edits to Google Maps

    Google has created a real-time viewer for Google Maps that allows users to watch as other users make changes to locations on the maps.

  • News: Antipiracy group violates Swiss telecom laws

    Switzerland has warned a company that tracks file sharers for copyright violations that its tactics violate the country's telecommunication law.

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