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  • News: RealPlayer 11 enables easy video downloads

    RealNetworks have announced a new version of its RealPlayer media player software. Its makers claim RealPlayer 11 will be the first media player to offer one-click video downloads of embedded web-based content. The online player will also support rival formats Flash and QuickTime. The concept capitalises on the popularity of online video sites such as YouTube.

  • News: Google Desktop open to hackers

    Just one day after a security researcher showed how Google's Firefox toolbar could be exploited in an online attack, a similar flaw has been discovered in the Google Desktop.

  • News: Google Gears to enable offline Gmail?

    Google has introduced an open-source technology for building web applications that continue to work even after a user's internet connection is disabled.

  • News: 'Critical' fix among 6 Firefox updates

    Mozilla has patched its flagship Firefox browser with fixes for six vulnerabilities, one of which was stamped ‘critical’ by the open-source developer. This was the third time Mozilla has updated Firefox in 2007.

  • News: iTunes on Windows is like ice water in hell

    Apple's CEO Steve Jobs compared Windows to hell in an on-stage conversation with the Wall Street Journal's personal technology columnist Walt Mossberg at the newspaper's D: All Things Digital conference yesterday.

  • News: Gov't starts £600m police database project

    The UK government has begun procurement for a police national database in a contract worth up to £600m - and admitted that the £25.2m cross-regional information sharing project (Crisp) has been axed. Crisp was seen as a crucial stepping stone to the national police IT system recommended in June 2004 by the Bichard inquiry into the deaths of schoolgirls Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells the June 2004.

  • News: Email scammers use IRS threat

    If you get an email telling you that you're under investigation by the US Internal Revenue Service, take a breath before calling your lawyer. It's a scam.

  • News: Cisco boss to head Joost?

    Former Cisco executive Mike Volpi is reportedly headed to Joost to be the online video company's next CEO.

  • News: Ballmer explains 'software and service'

    Speaking at a lunch meeting in Seattle yesterday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer tried to explain the difference between the words ‘as’ and ‘and’ when placed between the words ‘software’ and ‘service’.

  • News: EMI follows Apple's YouTube lead

    Following news of Apple's link up with Google-owned YouTube, UK record company EMI has shaken hands with the video-sharing website in a landmark deal.

  • News: Apple TV links with YouTube

    Apple is bringing YouTube content to the living room with its Apple TV home-entertainment system. Beginning in mid-June, Apple TV will wirelessly stream videos directly from YouTube and play them on a user’s widescreen TV.

  • News: Readers' PCs crippled by MBS porn billing

    When we see a spate of complaints in our online forum, all about the same company, and all posted in a fairly short space of time, I know that something isn’t right, and we need to investigate further. That’s exactly what has happened over the past few weeks, and the company concerned – Micro Bill Systems – has cropped up in several forum threads. It’s all to do with the way that MBS tries to recover money which it says is owed to its clients as a result of consumers accessing websites that work on a monthly subscription basis.

  • News: News Corp buys Photobucket

    After an ugly stand off last month, News Corp's MySpace and Photobucket will end up as part of the same company

  • News: 'Spam King' arrested in the US

    A Seattle man has been arrested for illegal spamming activities following an indictment by a federal grand jury last week.

  • News: Free Adobe Coldfusion 8 beta launched

    Adobe has released a public beta version of the ColdFusion 8 web development software. ColdFusion 8 is designed for developers building dynamic websites and internet applications, and the public beta is a feature-complete preview, according to the company.

  • News: Schmidt defends Google's web dominance

    Speaking at a conference in South Korea, Eric Schmidt, the chairman and chief executive officer of Google, ducked the question of whether his company's dominance of internet search may ultimately distort democratic gains from improved information access. But he promised governments will be held to account more than ever before.

  • News: Security hole in open-source Mac OS X tool

    Symantec has warned Mac OS X users that one of the open-source technologies included in the operating system was vulnerable to an attack. The flaw only affects users that have turned on Windows Sharing - it is off by default on Mac OS X.

  • News: Apple fixes QuickTime security bugs

    Apple posted a security update for its QuickTime media technology yesterday. The update fixes two issues found with the application that could allow an outsider to execute code and disclose sensitive information.

  • News: China develops cyberwar first-strike strategy

    China's military has developed cyberwarfare first-strike capabilities that include units charged with developing viruses to attack enemy computer networks, a US Department of Defense (DOD) warned last Friday.

  • News: Fujitsu mobile phone has 3.1in screen

    Fujitsu's F904i handset provides a glimpse of the future of mobile phone entertainment: a 3.1in widescreen display, a music player and a 3Mp camera

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