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  • News: Google signs ad deal with NBC

    Google continued to expand its advertising reach today, announcing a deal with US network NBC Universal for advertising, research and technology, the companies said.

  • News: Google and Yahoo deal opposed by advertisers

    Advertisers have opposed the potential ad deal between Google and Yahoo in a letter sent to the US Department of Justice.

  • News: Google Chrome warning as XP SP2 update arrives

    Google is busy patching its new Chrome browser already. A Vietnamese security company reported a critical vulnerability in the so-called Firefox-killer, but Google has released at fix for it, along with at least one other patch.

  • News: Amazon Video On Demand launches

    Amazon has launched its video-on-demand service in the US, giving Mac or PC owners access to 40,000 movies and TV shows.

  • News: $500m Google Earth satellite launches

    The highest resolution commercial Earth imaging satellite to date, the GeoEye-1, was launched over the weekend on a Delta-II rocket that carried the Google logo alongside the GeoEye logo on its side.

  • News: Analysis: Google Chrome versus Firefox & Internet Explorer

    Google finally released its long-awaited web browser, Chrome this week. It's tempting to assume that Google's entry into any new market will be world-changing.

  • News: The 10 best Google Earth add-ons

    Google Earth is a fascinating tool. It puts an entire planet's worth of useful, relevant, and just plain weird content at your fingertips. And there's a number of add-ons that will allow you to broaden the horizons of what you can see and do with the app, from historical maps and a virtual cruise to pinpointing the location of every plane that's ever been spotted by a Google Earth satellite.

  • News: 7 reasons why we hate Google Chrome

    This week's launch of Google's Chrome browser has split the web community in two. We've rounded up seven reasons you have to be concerned over the search engine's new web browser. Also check out our '7 reasons why we love Chrome', to get a balanced view of the browser.

  • News: The 15 best Firefox 3.0 add-ons

    Make routine tasks easier and increase your web browser's power with these 15 free add-ons for Firefox 3.0

  • News: 20 top tips to improve your tech life

    Essentially technology is there to make our lives easier, although that's not always the case, especially when you've got to spend over an hour sifting through the hundreds of emails that have landed in your inbox after just two days holiday or your hard-drive has crashed right in the middle of a crucial task.

  • News: 7 reasons why we love Google Chrome

    The web community is split on its view over Google's new browser Chrome. To help you make up your mind we've put together seven reasons why we love Chrome, as well as rounding up seven down sides in our '7 reasons why we hate Google Chrome' feature in a bid to help you decide.

  • Video: World Technology Update: September 5 2008

    In this week’s show: we report from IFA in Berlin on a virtual mirror that makes trying on clothes a snap, Sony’s new line of Walkman players, LG’s network attached storage system, a super slim prototype LCD TV by Philips, eco friendly electronics, a traffic alert system, Toshiba’s advanced 3D modeling and Samsung’s new lightweight laptop.

  • News: Facebook urges users to swap to new-look site

    Facebook users that haven't yet swapped to the new-look social networking site don't have long left to enjoy the traditional layout.

  • News: Vodafone to offer 3G-enabled Dell Mini Inspiron 9

    Vodafone has announced that it will be offering a version of Dell's new Inspiron Mini 9 laptop with built-in mobile broadband

  • News: BT struggling with controversial Phorm trials

    Controversial online advertising company Phorm said BT's plans to deploy its Webwise tracking system in the UK are taking longer than expected due to work to ensure the system can handle a large number of users.

  • News: Facebook users to report sexual predators

    Facebook is trialing a new safety feature that allows US users to report potential sexual predators, cyber bullies and inappropriate content.

  • News: ZoooS to launch web-based OpenOffice.org suite

    At the Office 2.0 conference in San Francisco this week, a California-European startup called ZoooS LLC will preview a web office suite based on the free, open-source OpenOffice.org, Microsoft Office's main desktop competitor.

  • News: Heathrow Terminal 5 gets vast Wi-Fi hotspot

    Finally, some good news for Heathrow Terminal 5: a Wi-Fi hotspot the size of 50 football pitches has gone live at the troubled airport terminal.

  • News: Analysis: why it's tough to export from Google App Engine

    Google is working a tool to improve data portability in its App Engine after developers using the software to create a cloud computing platform the only way to import or export data is using a Python-based API.

  • News: Free web services help to fool anti-spam programs

    Spammers are relying on free web services that lets net users upload files in a bid to stump anti-spam programs, says MessageLabs.

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