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  • News: Facebook to resolve Google Friend Connect woes

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to sit down with Google and work out the privacy issues that caused Facebook to block Google's Friend Connect last week, he said today.

  • News: Chinese government limits online entertainment

    The Chinese government has limited access to online entertainment during a three-day period of national mourning which starts today, in recognition of the victims of the recent earthquake.

  • News: Hacker steals from Red Cross earthquake relief fund

    Funds raised for victims of the China earthquake have been siphoned off one charity site.

  • News: Surge for Apple iTunes album sales

    Digital album sales climbed by 69.3 percent in Q1 2008, compared with the same quarter last year, according to the Official UK Charts Company.

  • News: Government rejects chance to set up e-crime unit

    The UK government has missed another opportunity to commit to an internet crime response unit, despite vowing to better police communications data in the interests of national security.

  • News: Rootkit threatens security of Cisco routers

    The routers that carry the internet's traffic are under scrutinity following the development of malicious rootkit for Cisco Systems' routers.

  • News: The top 25 emerging tech blogs you need to read

    These are the blogs you won't see on the Techmeme Leaderboard, Technorati's Top 100 blogs, or the CruchBase BloggerBoard ... at least not yet. They include technology venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, coders, experts and observers, and they bring a delicious mix of insight, experience, and passion to their blogs. While they may not have the right amount of link love, they need to be on your radar screens.

  • News: Six factors that will make or break Microsoft's Silverlight

    Since its release last year, Microsoft's Silverlight has been championed as a serious contender to Adobe's Flash and associated Flex development tools. And with the beta version of Silverlight 2, which was released in March this year, Microsoft appears to have fixed the flaws from the first version.

  • News: Timeline: Microsoft's bid for Yahoo

    When rumours regarding Microsoft's acquisition of Yahoo first surfaced in 2006, they were dismissed as simple gossip. However, Microsoft was deadly serious about the takeover bid. We chart the highs and lows of this battle which rocked the IT world.

  • News: The future of web-browsing revealed

    The web is evolving into a full-fledged app-delivery platform, but this calls into the question your web browser's ability to fulfil the needs of today's rich internet applications. We investigate whether the browser's time is up.

  • News: 50 free tools to extend your Windows XP PC

    While Microsoft is keen for us to move to Windows Vista, we've got other ideas. With a brand-new service pack and a slew of useful add-ons XP works better than ever. Here are 50 tools that can extend XP's useful working life still further.

  • News: Woman charged in MySpace suicide case

    A US woman has been charged with conspiracy following a cyberbullying campaign that caused a 13-year old girl to commit suicide.

  • News: Yahoo: Icahn misunderstood Microsoft offer

    Yahoo has slammed the investor who tried to take control of Yahoo's board and force the web company back into negotiations with Microsoft.

  • News: Facebook blocks Google's Friend Connect

    Facebook has blocked Google's Friend Connect from accessing Facebook members' data, claiming Google's service violates Facebook's terms of service.

  • News: Hackers target VoIP accounts

    Hackers are targeting VoIP users in a bid to steal their usernames and passwords and access the service for free.

  • News: Yahoo launches Search Monkey API

    Yahoo is to offer an enhanced search result listing tool for websites. Yahoo SearchMonkey is an open-source application development kit for website creators and owners that will allow more detail to be listed within a standard search results page. The development kit for the Yahoo SearchMonkey goes live today, with a consumer offering likely to be made public within weeks.

  • News: New Adobe Flash Player 10 beta available

    The pre-release version of Adobe Flash Player 10 is now available in beta from Adobe Labs.

  • News: Windows Live Messenger gets TV app

    Windows Live Messenger users can now watch and share video content while they chat with Messenger TV.

  • News: Ask.com bids for Dictionary.com

    Search engine Ask.com intends to purchase the Lexico Publishing group, which owns a number of websites including Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com.

  • News: 500,000 Brits access Facebook on their mobile

    According to a new survey from Nielsen Mobile a quarter of Brits use their mobile phone for social networking.

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