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  • News: Hands-on preview: Apple TV & YouTube

    Yesterday the long-awaited YouTube update for Apple TV arrived. Now Apple's television-synching box comes with YouTube functionality built in. Initially, we weren't hugely impressed with Apple TV, citing lack of UK content as a reason to award it only 2.5 out of 5.

  • News: 5 billion spam emails boost stock prices

    A major spam outbreak hit the internet on Wednesday causing the stock it was pumping to jump significantly in trading volume, according to communications security company IronPort.

  • News: Government launches online CO2 calculator

    The government today launched an online service that allows individuals to calculate the amount of carbon emissions they produce.

  • News: BlackBerry banned in France

    French officials are to be banned from using RIM (Research in Motion's) BlackBerry handheld devices.

  • News: Apple iPhone gets YouTube application

    Apple today announced that the Apple iPhone will support Google's YouTube internet video website when it ships on June 29. iPhone users will be able to wirelessly stream YouTube content to their iPhone over Wi-Fi or EDGE networks, using an Apple-designed application.

  • News: Yahoo reassures mobile phone operators

    Yahoo has moved to reassure carriers that it isn't trying to cut them out of the loop with its mobile content services. The move comes even as Yahoo rolls out new mobile phone and search services for customers.

  • News: Online store trades in stolen credit cards

    RSA has uncovered an online store where fraudsters trade in stolen credit cards. RSA's analysts discovered the site, which purports to allow fraudsters to purchase almost any amount of stolen credit cards using an automated process.

  • News: Silver surfers get Facebook and MySpace lessons

    Older internet users are getting lessons on how to set up MySpace and Facebook pages. Until fairly recent times few people over 35 used such social-networking sites, which allow users to post biographies, swap music and photos, chat, organise social diaries and make friends.

  • News: Yahoo mobile internet application beta launches

    Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0 will launch in beta for consumers in the UK and 12 other countries around the world on Friday.

  • News: Thinkfree offers $7-a-month Office 2007 killer

    ThinkFree has added offline support to its online application suite and launched it as a $7-a-month alternative to Microsoft Office.

  • News: Court quashes paedophile's internet ban

    A US federal court has overturned a Pennsylvania man's lifetime ban on using computers and accessing the internet. The court said the ban would hinder the man - convicted in 2005 of possessing child pornography - denying ability to work or go to school, according to court documents.

  • News: Google opens up URL blacklist

    Google has released an API that enables other applications to access its blacklist of URLs (uniform resource locators) that may have malicious programs.

  • News: Google launches YouTube France

    Google has launched versions of its video-sharing service YouTube in French and other languages. Localised versions now exist for the UK, Brazil, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and the US.

  • News: Web crippled as 10,000 sites hacked

    Attackers armed with an exploit toolkit have launched massive attacks in Europe from a network of at least 10,000 hacked websites, with infections spreading worldwide, according to several security companies.

  • News: Google turns on extreme green strategy

    Google has turned on the solar panels covering nearly all the roof space on its corporate campus and announced that its philanthropic arm plans to dole out over $10m in grants to support hybrid cars.

  • News: Microsoft: 'Google killers' aren't the answer

    What struck Microsoft executive Marshall Phelps at a recent series of conferences in developing nations was that government, business and academic leaders often asked him: "How can we invent the next Google?" Developing countries shouldn't emulate Google

  • News: New Google blog targets US gov't

    Google has launched a blog focused on US government legislation and regulation, one sign of the company's growing interest in Washington DC, affairs. The blog is part of Google's efforts to step up its focus on the US government since early 2005. Last year, it was one of the leading web-based companies calling on Congress to pass net neutrality rules that would prohibit broadband carriers from blocking or slowing web content offered by their competitors. This year, Google has joined a debate on how the US Federal Communications Commission should auction 60MHz of spectrum in the 700MHz band being vacated by US television stations. Google has called on the FCC to open up bidding to small companies through real-time auctions and designate a chunk of the spectrum for wireless broadband services. Google is also focused on issues such as privacy and copyright protection, said a post on the blog today. Google launched the blog internally two months ago but has only just opened it to the public. Google has recently complained to the US Department of Justice about what it sees as antitrust violations in Microsoft's Vista operating system. The US Federal Trade Commission in May also began investigating Google's proposed $3.1bn purchase of online advertising seller DoubleClick. Google now has eight senior policy and public relations employees and four support employees in Washington, compared to just one public policy staffer in early 2005. "We're seeking to do public policy advocacy in a Googley way," Andrew McLaughlin, Google's director of public policy and government affairs, wrote on the blog. "We want our users to be part of the effort, to know what we're saying and why, and to help us refine and improve our policy positions and advocacy strategies. With input and ideas from our users, we'll surely do a better job of fighting for our common interests. "This blog is part of the dialogue we're hoping to foster."

  • News: Mozilla blasts Steve Jobs for snubbing Firefox

    Rivals may have been subdued last week when Apple CEO Steve Jobs debuted Safari for Windows, but a Mozilla executive has blasted Jobs as "out-of-date" for thinking that the browser battle is between just Safari and Internet Explorer.

  • News: Apple should open iPhone to Opera

    Opera Software's plans to beef up its browser so that Adobe Flash Player-like functionality will be intrinsic to the program are a move in the right direction. At present, web developers have no consistent way to deliver media-rich content to the unlimited variety of platforms and browsers used by surfers worldwide.

  • News: Google & Yahoo battle in search roulette

    The most popular web search engines rarely deliver the same results when identical queries are performed on each site, and the disparity has increased over the past two years, new research has found.

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