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  • News: MySpace threatening net bandwidth

    Increasingly popular social-networking sites such as MySpace, YouTube and Facebook are accounting for such huge volumes of DNS queries and bandwidth consumption that carriers, universities and corporations are scrambling to keep pace.

  • News: Best free software: kit out your PC for free

    The down side to buying a low-cost PC (See our: Ultimate guide to buying ultra low-cost PCs) is it’s likely to come with little more than an operating system. But don’t shell out for pricey software – here are some handy bits of freeware

  • News: New Safari 3 beta for Windows & Mac

    Apple has posted a new beta build of its Safari web browser for Mac OS X and Windows, Safari 3.0.2 beta. It's available for download now.

  • News: Microsoft suit defends Hotmail users from spam

    Microsoft has filed two lawsuits over the past weeks, looking to crack down on spam on its Windows Live Hotmail network.

  • News: YouTube more popular than BBC

    According to research from Hitwise, YouTube is set replace the BBC as most visited general entertainment site for UK web surfers, if current trends continue.

  • News: UK e-voting trials slammed in new report

    The UK's trial of e-voting and e-counting technologies during last month's local elections resulted in crashed computers and technicians scratching their heads while posing new concerns about the systems' security and reliability, a new report has concluded.

  • News: Hacker infiltrates Pentagon email system

    About 1,500 unclassified email users at the Pentagon had their service disrupted on Wednesday when a hacker infiltrated the email system, forcing the accounts to be taken offline.

  • News: Adobe adds free video-editing app to YouTube

    Adobe has released Adobe Premiere Express, a free, web-based video remix and editing technology that’s designed to be easy and fun to use. The online video-editing software is now available for users of YouTube and MTV.com.

  • News: YouTube attacked by 'Zlob' malware hijack

    YouTube is being used to distribute a variant of the Zlob adware.

  • News: Hands-on preview: Apple TV & YouTube

    Yesterday the long-awaited YouTube update for Apple TV arrived. Now Apple's television-synching box comes with YouTube functionality built in. Initially, we weren't hugely impressed with Apple TV, citing lack of UK content as a reason to award it only 2.5 out of 5.

  • News: 5 billion spam emails boost stock prices

    A major spam outbreak hit the internet on Wednesday causing the stock it was pumping to jump significantly in trading volume, according to communications security company IronPort.

  • News: Government launches online CO2 calculator

    The government today launched an online service that allows individuals to calculate the amount of carbon emissions they produce.

  • News: BlackBerry banned in France

    French officials are to be banned from using RIM (Research in Motion's) BlackBerry handheld devices.

  • News: Apple iPhone gets YouTube application

    Apple today announced that the Apple iPhone will support Google's YouTube internet video website when it ships on June 29. iPhone users will be able to wirelessly stream YouTube content to their iPhone over Wi-Fi or EDGE networks, using an Apple-designed application.

  • News: Yahoo reassures mobile phone operators

    Yahoo has moved to reassure carriers that it isn't trying to cut them out of the loop with its mobile content services. The move comes even as Yahoo rolls out new mobile phone and search services for customers.

  • News: Online store trades in stolen credit cards

    RSA has uncovered an online store where fraudsters trade in stolen credit cards. RSA's analysts discovered the site, which purports to allow fraudsters to purchase almost any amount of stolen credit cards using an automated process.

  • News: Silver surfers get Facebook and MySpace lessons

    Older internet users are getting lessons on how to set up MySpace and Facebook pages. Until fairly recent times few people over 35 used such social-networking sites, which allow users to post biographies, swap music and photos, chat, organise social diaries and make friends.

  • News: Yahoo mobile internet application beta launches

    Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0 will launch in beta for consumers in the UK and 12 other countries around the world on Friday.

  • News: Thinkfree offers $7-a-month Office 2007 killer

    ThinkFree has added offline support to its online application suite and launched it as a $7-a-month alternative to Microsoft Office.

  • News: Court quashes paedophile's internet ban

    A US federal court has overturned a Pennsylvania man's lifetime ban on using computers and accessing the internet. The court said the ban would hinder the man - convicted in 2005 of possessing child pornography - denying ability to work or go to school, according to court documents.

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