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  • News: Yahoo Music Jukebox bug threatens Windows PCs

    Multiple flaws in Yahoo's Music Jukebox player can be used to attack Windows PCs running Internet Explorer, according to a security researcher.

  • News: MSN partners with Sony and MTV

    MSN has just announced partnerships with Sony and MTV at an event in London.

  • News: Firefox 3.0 beta 3 code nears completion

    Mozilla 'froze' the code for Firefox 3.0 beta 3 last week, with final testing of the beta scheduled to start today.

  • News: IPv6 internet overhaul begins

    The master address books for the internet are being updated to include records in IP version 6 (IPv6), a new format which forms part of a major overhaul of the net’s core address system.

  • News: How the Microsoft/Yahoo deal would affect you

    It's the year 2010. Microsoft owns Yahoo and has just changed the name of Flickr to Microsoft Flickr Live Photo-Sharing Service for Digital Camera Enthusiasts. The service is still free, but Windows Vista users will have to validate their copy of Vista as 'genuine' first to use it. What has Microsoft wrought?

  • News: Google questions legality of Microsoft/Yahoo deal

    Google says Microsoft's proposed acquisition of Yahoo raises "troubling questions" and that the underlying principles of the internet stand to be tested by the proposed deal.

  • News: 15 fabulous, free PC security programs

    Turn on your PC and you're immediately vulnerable. Protect yourself for free today with PC Advisor's favourite 15 free security tools.

  • News: PC World offers 'free' laptop deal

    PC World will give a free or discounted laptop to every customer that signs up to an 18-month mobile broadband subscription from 3.

  • News: Expedia and Rhapsody hit by infected ads

    Expedia.com and music store Rhapsody have fallen foul of cyber criminals planting malware into banner ads. Users clicking on the flash banner ads were redirected to sites which tried to get them to install a rogue anti-spyware application.

  • News: Microsoft bids $44bn for Yahoo

    The biggest IT acquisition of the year is in the offing after Microsoft offered $44.6bn (£22.4bn) to buy Yahoo.

  • News: YouTube helps Google to mammoth profits

    YouTube, the online video site that Google bought in 2006, continues to see strong growth in the US and around the world. As a consequence, Google was this week able to post fourth-quarter revenue up 51 percent over the same period the year before.

  • News: Web traffic disruption hits business world

    The web traffic disruption that occurred this week after two underwater cables in the Mediterranean were damaged may not have directly impacted on UK or US businesses, but web traffic flowing toward Asia and Africa has been disrupted.

  • News: AOL backtracks on move to kill Netscape

    The once-dominant Netscape browser – set to be killed off today – has been given a stay of execution, but only for a month.

  • News: The Pirate Bay four charged

    The four Swedish founders of The Pirate Bay – one of the World’s most popular file-sharing sites have been charged with conspiracy to break copyright law.

  • News: IM attacks get sophisticated and dangerous

    According to Akonix, a vendor of messaging-security systems, there were 14 new attacks on instant-messaging (IM) systems in January. And while that number seems relatively low, the attacks are more dangerous and better at targeting users.

  • News: YouTube pays UK contributors

    The YouTube Partner Programme that offers users the chance to make money from videos they post on the site is being launched in the UK.

  • News: Critical Firefox fix coming next week

    Mozilla has bumped up the threat ranking for an unpatched Firefox bug to 'high', but promised a fix is coming in Version, now slated for release on February 5.

  • News: African spammers plead guilty to fraud

    The US Department of Justice (DoJ) announced yesterday that three people had pleaded guilty to charges related to spam email that promised victims millions of dollars from an estate and a lottery.

  • News: Search evolution: new ways to get better results

    We've dug out some internet search sites and services that will add voice recognition and results focused on meaning. But it may be that Microsoft's fresh-looking Tafiti engine makes the biggest splash of all.

  • News: Firefox closes in on IE with 30% share

    Firefox continued its assault on Internet Explorer's domination of the web browser market last year, finishing 2007 with nearly 30 percent of the European market, according to French web metrics firm XiTi Monitor.

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