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  • News: Google pulls plug on research centre

    Google is closing an engineering centre in Arizona, two years after it opened because the work being done there has been too "fragmented", the company said.

  • News: The 12 most embarrassing photos on the web

    A single photo can cost you your reputation, your job, even your freedom - if you post it online. Teachers, principals, firemen, mayors, university presidents and everyday people have all discovered the dark side of putting the wrong photos and videos on social networking sites. The results aren't pretty, but they are sometimes hilarious. Here's our dirty dozen - 12 pictures their owners probably wish they could take back.

  • News: T-Mobile unveils £2 PAYG mobile broadband

    T-Mobile has launched a range of off-the-shelf, extremely short-term mobile broadband contracts that allow customers to sign up for as little as one day of mobile broadband coverage.

  • News: New Yahoo home page integrates Gmail & AOL

    Yahoo has started testing a new home page that will allow users to check for new email from multiple accounts and add more content from the web. Yahoo - which is testing the new page with randomly selected users in the UK, US, France and India - added a dashboard area that will allow users to preview their favourite Yahoo and non-Yahoo services, including Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Gmail, weather forecasts and local events.

  • News: Amazon Web Services to get content delivery network

    Amazon plans to launch a content delivery network to give application developers a vehicle for distributing public web content with low latency and high data transfer rates.

  • News: Google Street View goes mobile

    Google has added free walking directions and the ability to find street view imagery to its list of Google Maps applications for mobile devices.

  • News: Police database link-up gets EU backing

    European data protection supervisor Peter Hustinx demanded some changes to a plan by lawmakers to link up all national criminal databases in the 27-member European Union, but broadly he supported the move, he said today.

  • News: Brad Pitt tops celebrity malware website league

    Brad Pitt is the top celebrity malware target according to McAfee, which says anyone entering his name in a search engine now has a one in five chance of finding a malware-hosting site instead.

  • News: Report: Amazon MP3 to hit UK in October

    Amazon's iTunes competitor - Amazon MP3 - will launch in the UK next month, according to reports.

  • News: Mozilla backs down over Firefox EULA outrage

    Mozilla has admitted its decision to add a licence agreement to Firefox was a mistake and said it will strip the legalese from the browser's next update

  • News: Hackers break into Sarah Palin's Yahoo Mail account

    Hackers claim to have gained access to US vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's Yahoo account and published some of its contents on the Wikileaks website.

  • News: Microsoft holds back on IE8 auto-update for Vista

    Microsoft has released 21 additional language versions of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) Beta 2, including editions in Czech, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish and other languages, but is still silent on plans to automatically update Windows Vista systems that have a copy of IE8 Beta 1 already installed.

  • News: Gov't approves controversial Phorm advertising system

    Phorm has been ordered to make it easier for UK web surfers to opt-out of its controversial ad-targeting system, while future trials of the scheme will only be given the go-ahead if customers agree to them.

  • News: Adobe convinces hackers to kill 'clickjacking' demo

    Adobe has convinced two security researchers to pull out of a technical talk where they were going to demonstrate how they could seize control of a victim's browser using an online attack called 'clickjacking'.

  • News: Symantec launches Norton Internet Security 2009

    Symantec today launched Norton Internet Security 2009, and Norton AntiVirus 2009. The company claims that the updated internet security suite and antimalware software offer enhanced protection with a vastly reduced system overhead and much quicker scan speeds. Symantec is also offering free phone tech support for the first time, along with existing email and chat support.

  • News: Mobile search up 68%, UK leads the way

    In June 2008 20.8 million US and 4.5 million European mobile phone subscribers accessed search - an increase of 68 and 38 percent from June 2007, respectively. The UK had the highest penetration of mobile subscribers using search at 9.5 percent, followed closely by the US at 9.2 percent.

  • News: Yahoo email warns of Delhi bombings

    According to reports an email notice about the attack went out minutes before a series of blasts rocked Delhi.

  • News: Berners-Lee forms group to secure web's future

    World Wide Web founder Tim Berners-Lee has launched a web foundation focused on extending the internet to all the world's population.

  • News: Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer 8.0

    The recent launch of Google's web browser Chrome could spark a new internet browser war. This time it's Google vs Microsoft. We look at who's likely to win.

  • News: Top 10 Google Chrome tips and tricks

    Since Google Chrome launched only a couple of weeks ago, it's going to take web users a while to get used to the browser, and even longer to work out the tips and tweaks that will speed up and improve the experience. However, we've saved you the hard work and rounded up the 10 best tips and tweaks.

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