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  • News: Free £300 laptop available at PC World

    PC World is offering anyone who signs up to a two-year Orange broadband contract a new laptop worth over £300.

  • News: Pipex makes £9-per-month broadband offer

    Pipex has launched a cut-price broadband offer costing £8.95 for three months, and £14.99 per month thereafter.

  • News: Apple slated over Max OS X worm

    The developer of a Mac OS X worm has slammed Apple, claiming the Mac maker “has a very long way to go" on security.

  • News: YouTube's web dominance revealed in US

    Nearly 75 percent of web users in the US watched video online during May – according to ComScore says – with sites run by Google proving most popular.

  • News: UK broadband is 'too slow and expensive'

    UK broadband internet is more expensive than it is in all but one of 20 of the world's most developed countries.

  • News: Microsoft snubs Mac OS with 'critical' updates

    Microsoft temporarily had Macintosh amnesia last week as it forgot to mention the Mac edition of Office in a write-up that accompanied one of last Tuesday's security updates.

  • News: Firefox nears 30% share in Europe

    Mozilla's Firefox browser continues to eat into Internet Explorer’s share of the browser market – now accounting for 27.8 percent of browsers used in Europe, an increase of 3.6 percentage points from March

  • News: £150 Ransomware returns with a vengeance

    The GpCode 'Ransomware' last seen in 2006 has returned with a new scam attempting to extort $300 (£150) from users whose files the malware has encrypted, a Russian security researcher said Monday.

  • News: Microsoft working on extreme GPS

    Microsoft researchers are working on a variety of location-based tools, some of which could turn into interesting commercial applications.

  • News: iPhone's Safari web dialler is hack target

    Users of Apple’s iPhone have been warned against using a feature that lets them dial telephone numbers over the web using the iPhone's Safari browser.

  • News: Govt failing taxpayers on £208m websites

    Many UK government websites are "text-heavy and off-putting to the user," according to a National Audit Office study which found that the quality of taxpayer-funded sites has improved "only slightly" over the past five years.

  • News: Phishing crackdown as 26 scammers arrested

    Italian authorities have arrested 26 phishers following an alleged scam to swindle bank customers.

  • News: Yahoo's new Search Suggest inspired by Arnie

    Yahoo has launched Search Suggest, a new search function the company said is a "faster way to find what you're looking for".

  • News: Security exposed: Is Google the new Microsoft?

    The ubiquity of Microsoft's Windows OS and Office suite have made the software giant the number one target for security threats over the past ten years. But all that could be about to change. Search giant Google is facing new scrutiny as it diversifies its products and moves further into the business environment.

  • News: Google Adsense goes mobile

    Google has begun inviting mobile website developers to display Google ads on their sites as part of a limited beta test.

  • News: The 20 most annoying IT products in history

    Some things are annoying by their nature - spam, Jim Davidson, people with massive dogs who say: 'don't worry, he won't hurt you'. But when the annoyances stem from stuff you've paid for, fur starts flying.

  • News: PocketSurfer2 beats iPhone at mobile web

    Datawind yesterday announced the launch of the PocketSurfer2. The PocketSurfer2 is a handheld device that delivers the internet rapidly and wirelessly, for up to 20 hours a month for free. Unlimited internet access costs £5.99 a month. The 152x75x15mm, 174g PocketSurfer2 has a 640 x 240 colour widescreen display and will cost £179 when it goes on sale at the end of July.

  • News: Ad-based 'free' Wi-Fi hotspot hits River Thames

    A 22km stretch of the river Thames has been turned into a free Wi-Fi network following a partnership between free-hotspot.com and MeshHopper. The companies claim the network Europe's largest free metropolitian Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • News: Nokia's N800 tablet gets Skype

    Nokia has added Skype's VoIP software to its N800 Wi-Fi tablet, providing another alternative to using a mobile phone.

  • News: Microsoft offers free Windows OneCare 2.0

    A free beta version of Microsoft's antispyware, anti-virus and backup package is now available for download, as the software giant continues its efforts to take on the security software market

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