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  • News: Mozilla releases Firefox 3.0 beta

    Firefox 3.0 has taken a step closer to release, with Mozilla releasing a beta version of the browser which includes improved search functionality, among other things.

  • News: Google's OpenSocial scheme paying off for Plaxo

    Google's efforts to allow developers create social-networking applications that will run on multiple websites are already paying dividends for one company. Plaxo, the first company to launch applications built using Google's Google's OpenSocial APIs, has seen a surge in traffic in the three weeks since the APIs were released.

  • News: Users given Google Maps editing rights

    Registered Google Maps users in the US and Australia can now move incorrect markers for their homes or businesses to the correct locations.

  • News: CD sales up despite 150m music downloads

    The 150 millionth music download was sold in the UK last week, but CD sales remain strong despite the growth in online music.

  • News: Offical: Amazon releases Kindle e-book reader

    Amazon has officially announced its long-anticipated Kindle e-book reader and provided full details of the device, which is available now in the US on Amazon.com.

  • News: Jajah Direct cuts long-distance phone calls

    Jajah hopes to cut internet users' VoIP charges with a new service Monday that bypasses some operators' high long-distance and international charges. The service provides subscribers with a unique local number for each of their contacts that they can dial from fixed-line or mobile phones.

  • News: Berners-Lee backs open mobile web

    The so-called father of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, has appealed to an audience of wireless service providers and application developers to keep the mobile internet as open as the wired web has become.

  • News: Photo: Samsung's new Wimax PC & PDA

    Samsung Electronics has unveiled four new devices for use on the commercial WiMax network operating in Seoul. While the devices are specific to the South Korean market, they provide a glimpse of the kind of things consumers overseas might be able to get their hands on in the near future as WiMax is launched in other countries.

  • News: November's coolest gadgets revealed

    Wimax PDAs, an ultramobile PC with a fold-out keyboard and internet-based aroma advertising are the top candidates for innovations of the month in PC Advisor's monthly round-up of new launches in Japan.

  • News: Email mystery as Gmail users find empty inboxes

    When Jeneane Sessum logged into her Gmail account on the afternoon of October 27, she was greeted with a horrifying sight: an empty inbox.

  • News: The 20 best viral videos on the web

    Many viral videos have been uploaded to the web since the emergence of YouTube in 2005. But few surpass the popularity of the 20 classics we've picked out here

  • News: Facebook gets first business application

    Open source content-management company Alfresco has integrated its application with Facebook to enable its users to communicate with customers and partners. Alfresco claims that it was the first Facebook application developed for business users.

  • News: Chinese Google-killer focuses on mobile

    Baidu.com is working with leading telephone network operators in China on new mobile search applications for the launch of 3G services, an area Google has made plans to dominate.

  • News: Mozilla leaves 80% of Firefox 3.0 bugs untouched

    Around 80 percent of the known bugs in Mozilla's upcoming Firefox 3.0 web browser will be left untouched, the company has revealed.

  • News: Nintendo Wii beats Xbox for downloadable games

    Nintendo Wii currently has the greatest number of games available for download, though all are re-released titles, says Electronic Entertainment Design and Research.

  • News: Google's DoubleClick deal investigated by the EC

    Google's planned acquisition of online advertising company DoubleClick is being investigated by the European Commission (EC), with the regulator concerned about the deal's potential impact on the online advertising market.

  • News: Access email & files from any mobile phone

    Blackberry and Treo owners have long known the joy and the pain of having access to email and critical documents at all times. But you don't need to purchase a fancy PDA/phone hybrid to get in on the action. If your phone has any web browsing or text messaging capabilities, you can check your email while you're on the road and you can retrieve files from your home PC. Here's how.

  • News: Microsoft kills ActiveX 'click to activate'

    Microsoft is working on a modified version of Internet Explorer 7.0 that kills a 'click to activate' warning that first popped up when the software giant began requiring users to approve ActiveX controls the first time they were run from the browser.

  • News: Concern over widespread MySpace malware

    The widely reported problems with pop singer Alicia Keys' MySpace profile have been cropping up on the social-networking site for the past 10 days and are likely to continue, a security expert said on Friday.

  • News: Major news site distributing malware

    One of India’s largest news websites - IndiaTimes – exposed vistors to malware, according to ScanSafe.

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