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  • News: 22 tips to get more from Apple's iPhone

    As those of you who rush to buy it on 9 November will soon find out, you can do a lot with the Apple iPhone. Apple's gorgeous gadget lets you surf the internet, send and receive email, listen to music and watch videos with just a touch of a virtual button. And guess what? You can make phone calls too. Dig a little deeper, however, and you can do much, much more. We show you how.

  • News: Facebook users targetted by businesses

    Facebook this week announced plans for a new advertising system. Facebook ads will allow businesses to target advertising to users of the popular social networking site.

  • News: Amazon and Red Hat launch Linux on demand

    Red Hat yesterday announced that its Enterprise Linux operating system is now available on demand. Red Hat released the Enterprise Linux OS for the Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) service. EC2 is Amazon's web-based service that hosts business applications for customers.

  • News: Microsoft's Steve Ballmer slams Google's Android

    Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft and one of Google's biggest competitors, is not impressed by Google's plans to enter the mobile industry with a mobile phone platform.

  • News: iTunes rival eMusic enjoys growth spurt

    Already the number-two digital music retailer, after iTunes, online music retailer eMusic said this week that it's surpassed 350,000 subscribers and now has more than three million tracks in its catalogue.

  • News: Mozilla about to release Firefox 3.0 beta

    Several months behind its own schedule, Mozilla is about to release the first beta of Firefox 3.0 - according to notes posted on Mozilla's website. The Firefox 3.0 beta release makes it unlikely that a final version of the open-source browser will be released this year.

  • News: Music label sues Google, YouTube

    Google and its video sharing site YouTube have been taken to court by an Indian music label. Super Cassettes Industries filed a suit after the display on YouTube of content on which the Indian company says it holds copyright.

  • News: Amazon S3 online storage launches in Europe

    Amazon.com has launched the Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) in Europe, offering a new data hosting product allowing those in the EU to comply with European data protection laws to boot.

  • News: Microsoft officially releases Windows Live

    Microsoft's Windows Live services and applications have officially emerged from beta, and the company is planning a marketing campaign for its online properties that it expects to reach an audience of 10 billion on the web over the next two months.

  • News: Google 'Android' platform a business headache

    Phones built with Google's Android mobile platform may suffer from a lack of interoperability, and business IT executives will probably be wary about supporting multiple devices built with the much-hyped software platform, according to Ken Dulaney, a Gartner analyst. Read our FAQ on Android

  • News: Internet security: what data should you divulge?

    It’s almost impossible these days to use the internet without giving out some personal data. You can’t, for instance, make an online purchase without coughing up your card details. And all the little conveniences that make the web worthwhile require some sacrifice of online security. We all know by now that our bank will never email us to ask for our details, but where should you draw the data line? Here’s PC Advisor’s rough guide to what information you should, and should not, hand over.

  • News: Microsoft to patch Macrovision driver hole

    Microsoft has warned that a faulty driver used for copy protection could allow a hacker to gain high-level access to a PC.

  • News: MySpace announces HyperTargeting for ads

    MySpace yesterday announced the HyperTargeting by MySpace technology. HyperTargeting, which MySpace quietly launched in July, allows advertisers to connect with specific user groups based on the interests users express in their MySpace profiles.

  • News: MySpace unleases SelfServe ad platform

    MySpace yesterday unveiled plans to launch an advertising platform. SelfServe by MySpace will allow small-business owners, bands and politicians to purchase, create and analyse the performance of display advertisements on the social-networking site.

  • News: UK snubbing online banking revolution

    The UK is an online banking laggard, according to research firm Forrester, as large numbers of people remain content to visit local banking branches.

  • News: BlackBerry Pearl gets a purple makeover

    RIM (Research in Motion) is launching a new version of its popular BlackBerry Pearl smartphone handset in the UK. The Pearl 8120 comes with Wi-Fi and GPRS/Edge connectivity and is the first BlackBerry with video-capture capabilities.

  • News: Bullguard releases updated Internet Security Suite

    BullGuard today released Bullguard Internet Security 8.0.

  • News: One in six UK PCs infected with malware

    One in six PCs have active spyware or malware infections, according to research.

  • News: Google to announce mobile platform, browser

    After spending the weekend thrashing out agreements with wireless carriers, handset makers, software developers and hardware providers, Google will today announce an ambitious platform for creating mobile applications. Google wants to revolutionise the mobile internet, so that it can benefit from the advertising opportunities. UPDATE: Open Handset Alliance announces Android

  • News: Get laptops, broadband and software for free!

    You can kit out your PC for free – or even get a free PC. PC Advisor looks at the deals available, from free laptops and phones to free broadband and software, and points out the pitfalls. We also show you what manufacturers and vendors get out of offering freebies.

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