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  • News: Vodafone seeks MTV reporter on MySpace

    Vodafone and MySpace have joined forces to create an interactive community that will allow members to "share music experiences" and even compete for the chance to become an online MTV reporter.

  • News: eBay fined $61m over fake goods

    Online auction site eBay plans to fight a $61m fine for allowing the sale of Louis Vuitton Malletier and Christian Dior Couture counterfeit goods on its website

  • News: Cyber-vandalism woes for MySpace

    MySpace is suffering at the hands of a number of cyber-vandals who are filling the walls belonging to a number of 'groups' with offensive comments and photographs. Among the groups that have fallen foul of these vandals are those dedicated to interests such as home beer brewing, animal welfare and gay rights issues.

  • News: Real takes on iTunes with DRM-free music

    Rhapsody will sell MP3s in a new digital download store launched on Monday in the US, an service that will pose fresh competition to Apple's iTunes Music Store.

  • News: BT to cut off file-sharing customers

    BT has become the latest ISP to join forced with the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) in a bid to get tough with illegal file-sharers, announcing plans to cut off customers who use their accounts to illegally download software from P2P networks.

  • News: Gates: Yahoo deal 'not likely'

    A deal between Microsoft and Yahoo doesn't appear likely to happen in the future, Bill Gates said in a TV interview on Friday.

  • News: ICANN and IANA hijacked by hackers

    The websites of the international organisations that oversee the internet's critical routing infrastructure and regulate domain names were defaced by Turkish hackers last week, according to researchers.

  • News: Timeline: Bill Gates' 33 years at Microsoft

    Bill Gates' 30-year career at Microsoft has had many highs and lows. We've charted the most important developments from Microsoft’s beginnings to present day.

  • News: 14 favourite free internet tools

    We've put together the best 14 software downloads. We've got a universal messenger, a way to troubleshoot email problems, and programs to keep yourself safe. These are the software tools that come to the rescue. And best of all, most of them are free.

  • News: The 5 best Firefox add-ons for your business

    While Mozilla claims that Firefox 3 is the fastest and most secure version of the browser, there is another reason to look at using it – the number of business-friendly add-ons available. We've picked out five of the best add-ons that will not only help the overall interface of the browser but also help you surf the web more efficiently.

  • News: Facebook rivals accept settlement

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has settled a long running dispute the origin of the idea for for the social networking site.

  • News: Landmark decision expands web domains

    Internet overlord ICANN has unanimously voted to begin the process of relaxing the rules for generic top-level domain names (gTLDs), in a move that means companies and other organisations eventually could run their own domains.

  • News: New features revealed for Firefox 3.1 alpha

    An alpha release of the next version of Firefox could become available in July, just weeks after the final release of Firefox 3.0.

  • News: MySpace opens up data portability initiative

    MySpace has opened up its data portability project in a move that allows MySpace members to share their public profile data outside of the walls of the social-networking site.

  • News: Yahoo announces third reorganisation

    Yahoo has announced another reorganisation in a bid to itself around.

  • News: BBC iPlayer gets an upgrade

    The BBC has overhauled the interface and added more functions to its iPlayer.

  • News: Yahoo: Google is a better bet than Microsoft

    Yahoo has sent a letter to its shareholders justifying its deal with Google, saying it will enhance the company's profitability and provide more shareholder value than the offer put forth by Microsoft to invest in Yahoo's search business.

  • News: EU could push through next-gen broadband

    European Telecommunications Commissioner Viviane Reding will shortly propose a new law designed to encourage incumbent operators to invest in next-generation infrastructure, including high-speed broadband networks, she said in a speech to industry players on Wednesday.

  • News: HP and Microsoft release anti-hacker tools

    Microsoft and HP are working together to help website develops fend off attacks from hackers. The two companies have released web tools that will help developers discover flaws in websites and even stem the growing number of SQL injection attacks that are designed to hijack legitimate sites.

  • News: Pirate Bay uses encryption to scupper new law

    Controversial BitTorrent site The Pirate Bay is adding encryption to its website in order to counter a new Swedish law that allows wiretapping of internet and phone traffic.

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