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  • News: Opera to develop web browser for Nvidia Tegra

    Web browser developer Opera will develop a version of Opera 9.5 that is optimised for Nvidia's upcoming Tegra processor line.

  • News: First Google Chrome market share figures released

    Internet Explorer users abandoned the browser last week to try out Google Inc.'s new Chrome, a Web metrics vendor said Tuesday.

  • News: New Apple iTunes subscription service: would it work?

    As soon as Apple confirms it will be holding press briefings, the web is awash with speculation about what will be announced. This week's briefing was no exception. But among the rumours of new iPods was the additions of a subscription based service for iTunes.

  • News: Upgraded Microsoft Zunes offer wireless downloads

    Microsoft has announced that it is upgrading its Zune media player in the US, hours before Apple is expected to add new models to its iPod line.

  • News: Vodafone lets Facebook users send text messages

    Vodafone has hooked up with Facebook to allow its customers to send SMS messages to their friends from the social networking site.

  • News: 100Mb fibre broadband could be £10bn over budget

    Installing and supplying 100Mb super-fast fibre broadband to the whole of the UK could cost as much as £24.5bn says the Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG).

  • News: Chrome licence fears also affect Picasa & Blogger

    The language in the terms of service for Google's Chrome browser, which prompted copyright concerns, also features in the terms of service for a number of other products including photo editing software Picasa and Blogger.

  • News: Mozilla releases Firefox 3.1 Alpha 2

    Mozilla has launched the second alpha of Firefox 3 .1, adding new video support and boosting the speed of some JavaScript computations.

  • News: Google backs down over user data retention

    Google will half the length of time it holds data linking surfers' IP addresses to their web searches.

  • News: Google signs ad deal with NBC

    Google continued to expand its advertising reach today, announcing a deal with US network NBC Universal for advertising, research and technology, the companies said.

  • News: Google and Yahoo deal opposed by advertisers

    Advertisers have opposed the potential ad deal between Google and Yahoo in a letter sent to the US Department of Justice.

  • News: Google Chrome warning as XP SP2 update arrives

    Google is busy patching its new Chrome browser already. A Vietnamese security company reported a critical vulnerability in the so-called Firefox-killer, but Google has released at fix for it, along with at least one other patch.

  • News: Amazon Video On Demand launches

    Amazon has launched its video-on-demand service in the US, giving Mac or PC owners access to 40,000 movies and TV shows.

  • News: $500m Google Earth satellite launches

    The highest resolution commercial Earth imaging satellite to date, the GeoEye-1, was launched over the weekend on a Delta-II rocket that carried the Google logo alongside the GeoEye logo on its side.

  • News: Analysis: Google Chrome versus Firefox & Internet Explorer

    Google finally released its long-awaited web browser, Chrome this week. It's tempting to assume that Google's entry into any new market will be world-changing.

  • News: The 10 best Google Earth add-ons

    Google Earth is a fascinating tool. It puts an entire planet's worth of useful, relevant, and just plain weird content at your fingertips. And there's a number of add-ons that will allow you to broaden the horizons of what you can see and do with the app, from historical maps and a virtual cruise to pinpointing the location of every plane that's ever been spotted by a Google Earth satellite.

  • News: 7 reasons why we hate Google Chrome

    This week's launch of Google's Chrome browser has split the web community in two. We've rounded up seven reasons you have to be concerned over the search engine's new web browser. Also check out our '7 reasons why we love Chrome', to get a balanced view of the browser.

  • News: The 15 best Firefox 3.0 add-ons

    Make routine tasks easier and increase your web browser's power with these 15 free add-ons for Firefox 3.0

  • News: 20 top tips to improve your tech life

    Essentially technology is there to make our lives easier, although that's not always the case, especially when you've got to spend over an hour sifting through the hundreds of emails that have landed in your inbox after just two days holiday or your hard-drive has crashed right in the middle of a crucial task.

  • News: 7 reasons why we love Google Chrome

    The web community is split on its view over Google's new browser Chrome. To help you make up your mind we've put together seven reasons why we love Chrome, as well as rounding up seven down sides in our '7 reasons why we hate Google Chrome' feature in a bid to help you decide.

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