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  • News: Tibet riots lead to block on YouTube

    Beijing appears to have taken a page out of Myanmar's playbook by blocking some internet access amid rioting in Tibet that has already seen as many as 80 people killed, according to the Tibetan government in exile.

  • News: Google chief slams Microsoft-Yahoo proposal

    Google has expressed its concerns about the free flow of information on the internet if Microsoft succeeds in acquiring Yahoo.

  • News: King of Spam pleads guilty to fraud charge

    Robert Soloway, the notorious spammer dubbed 'the King of Spam' is facing a possible 26-year jail sentence after pleading guilty on Friday to charges of fraud and tax evasion.

  • News: 12 things you didn't know you could do with Google

    Every time I turn around, Google's come up with something new, cool, or innovative. It's no wonder it has Microsoft on the run. Here's a quick round-up of some of the functions available from one of the web’s most popular search engines.

  • News: The seven best Windows Mobile downloads

    If you're using your Windows Mobile smartphone or Pocket PC with only the out-the-box applications such as the media player or calculator, you're missing out on a world of value. Your handheld is, after all, a tiny computer.

  • News: The 40 best free software applications

    When the word 'free' is mentioned our ears always prick up. Whether it's to enhance your office systems or just keep you busy during down time, the web, it would seem, has the answer to it all - and a bulk of this veritable treasure trove is free. We've selected the best.

  • News: BBC stops iPlayer hackers

    The BBC has closed the loophole on its iPlayer that allowed users to share programmes with others.

  • News: IFrame hack directs users to malware

    Hackers using a new scam continue to subvert hundreds of thousands of web pages with IFrame redirects that send unwary users to malware-spewing sites, according to researchers.

  • News: MySpace launches applications gallery

    MySpace has opened a test version of its applications gallery, allowing its members to install programs built by external developers participating in the social-networking company's developer programme.

  • News: Intel Atom desktops to cost under $200

    Intel expects to plug its newest Atom chips into desktop PCs that will be available later this year from under $200 (£100).

  • News: Microsoft and Yahoo discuss acquisition

    Microsoft and Yahoo executives met for the first time on Monday to discuss Microsoft's initial $44.6bn cash and stock bid for the company, according to the Wall Street Journal.

  • News: AOL buys Bebo for £425 million

    AOL will buy Bebo, a social-networking site popular in the UK, for £425m in cash, the companies said today

  • News: YouTube releases APIs to developers

    Third-party websites can now build their own YouTube capabilities, after the video-sharing site gave developers access to the YouTube video library and underlying video hosting and streaming infrastructure.

  • News: Superfast Firefox 3.0 beats IE7, Opera & Safari

    Firefox 3.0 beta 4 users report that Mozilla's new browser is dramatically faster than its predecessor, as well the newest versions of Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

  • News: Skype admits failure of eBay integration

    Two-and-a-half years after eBay bought Skype, the online auction giant has moved away from trying to create new, merged capabilities through the acquisition and is letting Skype be what it is.

  • News: 10,000 web pages infected by password hack

    Hackers looking to steal passwords used in popular online games have infected more than 10,000 web pages in recent days.

  • News: EU gives go-ahead to Google-Doubleclick deal

    Google's proposed acquisition of DoubleClick does not pose a significant threat to competition in the European online advertising market, the European Commission said yesterday. However, it reminded the companies that they also have an obligation to respect EU legislation on the privacy of personal data, one of the grounds on which opponents lobbied to block the merger.

  • News: Silver surfers are the safest online shoppers

    Older surfers are better at protecting themselves when purchasing online than younger generations, reports a new survey by credit-protection firm, CPP.

  • News: Firefox 3.0 beta 4 now available

    The final version of Firefox 3.0 has taken a step closer to reality after Mozilla posted the fourth beta for download and confirmed it would give developers just a week before it froze the code on the next.

  • News: US judge bans spyware distributor

    A US judge has granted a request by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for a judgment against a company accused of distributing spyware and adware on to people's computers.

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