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  • News: Mumbai terrorists used Google Earth

    Terrorists used Google Earth to plan the recent attacks in Mumbai, say police officials.

  • News: Five crucial Facebook dos and don'ts

    Social-networking can be a minefield. Users should think twice before posting information and imagez, as one hurried post could kill your working and personal relationships in one fell swoop. We've rounded up the top five Facebook etiquette tips to ensure you never get into social-networking trouble.

  • News: 13 top tips for better mobile working

    We've put together 13 top tips to ensure that if you are working on the go, you are working better, smarter, and faster.

  • News: Bag a bargain laptop in time for Christmas

    It's often said that there's never a right time to buy a new computer as technology and the components within consumer electronics move on and are updated at such a breakneck pace. Consequently, the PC, laptop, satnav or audio player you buy today will seem slow, lacking in memory and generally old hat a year or even a few months down the line. There is, however, a right time to bag a technology bargain.

  • News: 14 simple tips to improve your computing life

    Just because PC software and hardware has the potential to make life easier, it doesn’t mean it always does. In this age of rapid technological change, if you miss out on one development you can find yourself trailing behind everyone else. And asking for help isn’t easy if you feel your query is a simple one. No one likes to feel stupid.

  • News: BT could be prosecuted over secret Phorm trial

    The Crown Prosecution Service is collecting evidence to establish whether BT illegally tested the Phorm online advertising system without users' consent.

  • News: Live BBC streaming hits broadband usage caps

    Home broadband customers planning to watch the BBC's new online streaming service have been warned to be wary of their ISPs' usage caps.

  • News: Spam canned as Estonian ISP kills Srizbi botnet

    An Estonian ISP that temporarily hosted the command-and-control servers for the Srizbi botnet, responsible for a large portion of the world's spam, has cut off those servers, according to computer security analysts.

  • News: Microsoft cybersquatter owns 23 'infringing' sites

    Microsoft has charged Florida company Domain Investments with cybersquatting in a lawsuit over registered addresses including windoesmobile.com, www.hotmajl.com, microsoft-games.com and zunedrivers.com.

  • News: Woman cleared of felony over MySpace suicide

    A US woman has been convicted on three misdemeanour counts but acquitted of felony charges after being accused of creating a fake MySpace account to torment a girl who later committed suicide.

  • News: Beat the credit crunch with Swoopo, eBay & Amazon

    The internet presents plenty of opportunities to make money or sell your stuff online - and not just via eBay.

  • News: Google nears monthly 50 billion US web searches

    Google's US web searches got close to 50 billion in October 2008, up 8 percent year on year.

  • News: BT offers free Wi-Fi in London sports centres

    BT is offering free Wi-Fi at three new adiZones - outdoor sports centres built in the UK by sports giant Adidas in preparation for the 2012 Olympics.

  • News: Hoax Google Orkut message links to Trojan

    Google's social networking site Orkut has been used to spread a malicious Trojan, says Websense.

  • News: Mozilla to add third beta to Firefox 3.1

    Mozilla is expected to add a third beta to the development schedule for Firefox 3.1. The move is to get a better handle on remaining bugs and give several new features, including a faster JavaScript engine and a private browsing mode, more testing time, the company's browser director said yesterday.

  • News: YouTube goes widescreen

    YouTube, Google's video-sharing website, will now show embedded video clips in 16:9 aspect ratio rather than the 4:3 ratio that was earlier used.

  • News: Spam levels rise again after McColo takedown

    Just weeks after McColo's shutdown sent global spam volumes plummeting, researchers are in disagreement as to extent of the long-term effect on junkmail levels of the hosting-firm's demise.

  • News: LinkedIn boosts business search tool

    LinkedIn has overhauled its search platform, claiming it will let users more easily find who they are looking for on the site.

  • News: Mobile broadband use increases by 25 percent

    The number of Brits using mobile internet has risen by 25 percent to 7.3 million between Q2 and Q3 this year, says Nielsen Online.

  • News: Second Apple Safari update in two weeks

    Apple has issued a second security update to its web browser Safari in as many weeks.

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