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  • News: 12 free downloads to beat the credit crunch

    We've located the 12 best free apps on the web that will help you beat the recession

  • News: NHS Mytob attack was entirely avoidable

    A virus that attacked 4,700 PCs and saw three London hospitals left without email or internet access for days was "entirely avoidable" says an independent security review.

  • News: Napster suggests music to suit your mood

    Online music service Napster has released a new version of its software, which features Automix - a function that will generate playlists based on tracks selected by the user.

  • News: Woolworths to be re-launched online

    Troubled high-street retailer Woolworths, which went into administration late last year, will be reborn online.

  • News: Snow disruption overloads travel update websites

    England's travel and weather information websites are set for a busy day, with heavy snow falling across much of the country overnight.

  • News: Google 'deep web' to revolutionise search

    Search engines have focused largely on crawling text on web pages, but Google is knee-deep in research about how to analyse and organise structured data, according to company scientist.

  • News: 50 great websites and services for 2009

    The internet is a mine of information. But with so much web out there to explore, unearthing new gems has become a tricky task. PC Advisor provides an online treasure map.

  • News: End of the road for Yahoo Briefcase

    Yahoo's Briefcase online storage service is finally being shut down.

  • News: The day Google stopped working

    Human error caused a glitch that returned the message "this site may harm your computer" for all Google search results for about an hour on Saturday, the company said, but the mistake was Google's and not StopBadware.org's.

  • Video: Seeing machine helps those with vision impairments

    MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies and her colleagues have designed a portable device that allows people with visual impairments to access the internet, view photographs, or just see the face of a friend.

  • News: 5 online shopping sites you don't know

    The internet offers various auction sites that allow you to hook up with buyers from across the world. There are also sites dedicated to helping you track down out-of-print books, deleted DVDs and even the concert tickets you want.

  • News: 5 useful research websites

    Between them, the millions of users who surf the web every day have vast accumulated knowledge on everything from politics to baking, finance to car maintenance. So wouldn't it be great if we could harness all that information and collate it one place?

  • News: Six websites that will save you money

    When it comes to your pieces of eight, it pays to be vigilant. The web offers a number of sites that can help you keep track of your outgoings and even help you save a few pennies at the same time.

  • News: Use the web to find trusted tradesmen

    Most of us don't have a trusted tradesman on hand to call in an emergency. Helpfully, sites such as Yell allow you to enter your postcode, in return providing you with the telephone numbers of local tradesmen that should be able to help.

  • News: 10 websites to watch in 2009

    2008 was the year of Twitter and Facebook, but which sites will dominate 2009? We've put together a list of the 10 sites we think you won't be able to live without this year.

  • News: Find great restaurants and pubs online

    There's nothing worse than heading out to a local pub or restaurant and being disappointed with what you find. But the web can help.

  • News: Three great online backup services

    The web is ideal for backing up your digital files and online storage space costs very little if your needs are only modest. Should you come to depend on your backed-up files, they can be downloaded on the spot from wherever you are, provided that there's a web connection.

  • News: 7 great music, image and video-sharing sites

    When you've got your stash of music, image and video files safely backed up, you'll want to start showing them off to your friends.

  • News: 5 great news websites and services

    The web's a great source of breaking news. No matter the time of day, you can log on and find out what's going on in the local or national news. A number of sites, including PC Advisor, also let you comment on the stories of the day.

  • News: Firefox 3.1 beta 3 delayed again

    The release of the third beta of Mozilla's Firefox 3.1 web browser has been delayed again after 18 bugs were detected in TraceMonkey - the browser's JavaScript engine.

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