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Tips and tricks to fix Facebook

Alleviate common problems on the social network

If you like Facebook but don't like the way it handles privacy and annoying applications, here are some simple fixes.

Problems that don't have a fix

Control over photo tagging
You got a bit rowdy at your friend's New Year's party. The next morning, somebody uploads a picture from said event to Facebook, tagging you so that all the people at work can see it.

Facebook offers no control over who can and cannot tag you in photos. The best you can do is immediately remove the tag (you can request that Facebook notify you via email or SMS when you've been tagged by checking the appropriate boxes on the notifications page). Afterward, you can never be re-tagged in that photo. You can also request that the uploader remove the photo from Facebook entirely. Ask politely, as he or she may not have considered the ramifications of the upload. If they refuse to see things your way, they're a liability and should be unfriended.

You can control who sees photos tagged with your name, so even if anyone can tag you in a photo, you can decide who gets notified of that tag and has access to the photo. Go to your privacy settings and choose to customise your sharing settings. Under 'Things other share', the first option is 'Photos and videos I'm tagged in', which can be configured to enable any privacy you need.

Note that this will restrict access to any photos of you uploaded by others, be they complimentary or embarrassing. The photo owners' permissions will also be in effect, so if they have restricted access to their photos, your friends may not be able to see the pictures anyway.

Searching fan pages
Companies that manage their brands on Facebook may find themselves with thousands of fans - but without the ability to find any one fan. Clicking 'See All' lists fans a hundred at a time in no apparent order and with no search or filter functions. Facebook groups support member searches, but pages do not; and, unlike personal profiles, Facebook pages cannot be downloaded for an administrator's offline perusal or archiving.

Being automatically added to groups
Facebook's new Groups feature is supposed to be a way to sort your friends by category or interest. But these lists are public and do not require your consent before your friends apply these labels - which could be anything from 'Family' to 'Weekend drunks'.

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  1. Alleviate common problems on the social network
  2. Too many applications
  3. Showing your friends list
  4. Searching your wall history
  5. Problems that don't have a fix
  6. The ultimate fix

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