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15 technology tricks that are naughty but nice

They're fun but you shouldn't do them, right?

Rules were made to be broken, right? And technology is no exception. We've rounded up 15 awesome things relating to technology that you really shouldn't do. Break these rules at your own peril.

14. Play DOS games for free

Looking to turn back the clock? Long for the days of shoulder pads and Duran Duran? Sadly, there is no internet Hot Tub Time Machine (yet). But you can still play old MS-DOS games that let you party like it's 1989.

Abandonia distributes games whose owners have stopped making, selling or supporting them. Its abandonware collection features hundreds of titles, from A Nightmare on Elm Street (a 2D shooter loosely based on the film) to the original text adventure Zork- all free to download.

Why this is awesome: Chunky two-dimensional graphics and cheesy eight-bit sound effects in a DOS window? Bring it on.

Why you shouldn't do it: Technically, many of these titles are still owned by the original absentee copyright holders, making downloads illegal. Let us know if anyone decides to sue you because of it.

15. Create your own Torrent TV

Okay, you're a file-swapping deviant with no moral center. We get that. Now here's something that will make your life easier: a free service that alerts you when your favourite TV torrents are ready for download.

Karmorra's ShowRSS lets you add a feed to any RSS reader that gives the lowdown on the downloads and lets you grab torrents with a single click. You can choose from hundreds of popular programs and watch them on free media players like Miro or Vuze.

Why this is awesome: No more scouring torrent search sites.

Why you shouldn't do it: You do realise that downloading and sharing copyrighted materials is illegal, right? Just checking.

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