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The 8 worst things about the web

There's plenty in Web 2.0 that's archaic and annoying

The web has evolved but we still see sites pulling the same obnoxious stunts that annoyed us in 1994. Here are out 8 biggest annoyances about the net.

8. Sites that autoplay audio and video

If a website is built exclusively around sharing and playing audio and video, I know to put my headphones in before clicking the link. If it's a blog, news site, or anything else that is generally devoted to the written word, I don't want its audio/video embeds to play automatically when I open the page.

See, when I'm reading such fine publications, I don't look at each article one at a time, one page at a time. Instead, I open every single link that catches my eye from the home page in a new tab. Once a video starts playing unbidden, I frantically close every tab, maybe lose an email draft or two, and never come back to that site until enough time has passed that I forget it pushes those annoying autoplay videos.

This is a similar animal to mouse-over ads: If I'm interested in a video, I'll click it and watch it. Sites shouldn't try to trick me (or tweak their streaming-video traffic reports) by pushing the play button for me. Site operators should think of how many people are furiously trying to find the right tab to shut these things down. We are here, we are irked, and we are legion.

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  1. Archaic and annoying
  2. Third-party cookies
  3. Suggested friends/Twitter accounts to follow
  4. Autoplay audio and video

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