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The 52 best websites you've never heard of

The best, most practical websites, arranged by category

Big names such as Google, Facebook and MySpace dominate the internet. However, the web continues to flourish with a never-ending stream of incredibly useful new sites and services. Here are 52 phenomenally cool web services that you may not have heard of, but definitely need to try.

10 great shopping, dining and travel websites

Whether you're shopping online or on the high street, finding and tracking deals takes some work. Some of these 10 incredibly useful sites can help you nab the best bargains.

We've also gathered several online services that offer practical assistance for when you're travelling halfway across the country or when you're simply stepping out for dinner.

Find what you want
Looking for an obscure item can be frustrating.

TheFind will scour the web for any product, revealing sales, vouchers, and shipping deals to get you the best bargain.

Nerdy wish lists
Having trouble keeping track of all the hot gadgets you've been lusting after?

Droolr gives you socially driven shopping lists of the wildest, weirdest, and coolest gear on the web.

Tech shopping assistant
If you're struggling with choosing a digital camera, start by reading our camera buying guide.

If you're still stuck, give Measy a whirl.

While this quiz-based decision maker isn't exactly scientific, it can help you weigh the factors that matter most to you and zero in on a good selection.

Although its worth noting as its US-based, the price will be in dollars not English pounds.

Online shopping vouchers
You know what you want, and you know where to buy it.

Now let VoucherHub close the gap between your shopping trolley and your bank account by looking up voucher codes for more than 50,000 stores.

If the product you're buying has a discount code available anywhere, chances are this site will find it.

Move up to free delivery
When you're £1.11 away from getting free delivery on your Amazon purchase, you need a filler item.

Filler Item Finder will help you find a cheap but useful item to push your purchase total over the top.

Know what you're eating
Do you have any idea how much fat is in the burger you're eating? If you log on to Nutrition Data, you can find out in seconds.

The site offers nutrition information for most major chains, and makes analysing recipes for nutrient content easy.

Plus, you'll get a healthy serving of expert blogs and commentary to slice through the latest health-food fads.

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