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The 52 best websites you've never heard of

The best, most practical websites, arranged by category

Big names such as Google, Facebook and MySpace dominate the internet. However, the web continues to flourish with a never-ending stream of incredibly useful new sites and services. Here are 52 phenomenally cool web services that you may not have heard of, but definitely need to try.

13 terrific sites for managing media and sharing files

Among this collection of 13 incredibly useful websites, you'll find treasure troves of music and audio, plus online photo and video tools. And if you have a lot of media items or other files that you want to share with family, colleagues, or friends, we've spotlighted several web services that can help.

More music, please
We've had some heated debates over which music site reigns supreme.

Grooveshark rises to the top of the heap for its slick interface, robust-yet-unobtrusive social features, and excellent smartphone integration.

Get out, get noticed
Whether you're promoting your band's latest gig, hosting a community pcnic or just looking for something to do tomorrow night, Eventful's location-based listings of concerts, clubs, movies, and events make it easy to find your scene.

Snip any tune to ringtone size
Sure, your smartphone can make a ringtone out of any song in your music library, but will it jump to your favourite line? Nope.

CutMP3 lets you upload any song to its music editor and then trim it down to the portion you want for your ringtone.

Once you've picked your clip, just save the track to your phone and set it as your ringer. Easy-peasy, and totally free.

Book bonanza
Free e-books are now abundantly available, but audiobook lovers typically pay a lot for readings of their favourite works.

Librophile.com offers a massive library of free audiobooks, ranging from classics to sci-fi to fairly recent fiction.

While the site itself is hideous, the selection of books is immense.

Search by author, genre, or title, and download the book as a zipped set of MP3 files or subscribe to its chapters on an iTunes RSS feed.

Prettier pictures
We can't all be brilliant photographers, but with the right tools we can look as if we know what we're doing.

For robust online photo editing, it's pretty hard to beat the power of Photoshop.com.

However, if you want to pop open a picture quickly and make changes without having to sign up for an account, check out Citrify.

Citrify's free, no-hassle photo editor lets you upload an image and start editing immediately.

Add cool effects, captions, and adjust your colours, and then click 'Save' to put the finished product back on your PC's hard drive.

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