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The 52 best websites you've never heard of

The best, most practical websites, arranged by category

Big names such as Google, Facebook and MySpace dominate the internet.

However, the web continues to flourish with a never-ending stream of incredibly useful new sites and services.

We never stop scouring the internet for the best and most creative new ideas we can find.

Here are 52 phenomenally cool web services that you may not have heard of, but definitely need to try.

16 productivity-enhancing websites

These 16 incredibly useful web services and sites can keep your tasks and notes in order, help you with your personal finances, streamline your web surfing, track lost gadgets, and more

Better to-do lists
Most to-do apps are little more than static lists of pending responsibilities.

Teux Deux, though, is a slick, simple, and free online task manager that visually groups your upcoming chores by date, giving you a clear view of what you need to accomplish in the coming week.

The site's interface works particularly well with the popular Getting Things Done method for enhancing productivity.

Each date acts a bit like a folder, keeping all of the tasks for the day contained and compartmentalised, so you can focus on what matters most in the moment.

Tasks with no specific due date linger in a 'Someday' box on the main screen, so you can put them off without forgetting about them.

Learn anything fast
Whether it's learning conversational Japanese, memorising capital cities, deciphering the periodic table of elements, or mastering the fictional language of the Na'vi, the free, goal-oriented online courses at Smart.fm can get you up to speed in no time.

Tag anything
Stickybits is an especially cool way to add an online CV or company website to a business card, or to add lost-and-found info to your mobile gadgets.

In fact, you can add photos, data files, web URLs, and messages to any physical object.

You simply download a Stickybits bar code and slap it on anything, and then link the bar code to any digital file or address.

When someone scans that bar code with their phone's camera, they'll go straight to your linked data.

Hey, wake up
You don't have to stay in a fancy hotel to get a wake-up call.

Wakerupper allows you to schedule wake-up or reminder calls to any phone at any time, for $0.05 (3p) a call, complete with a snooze option.

If you type in a reminder, you'll hear an oddly disquieting computer voice read it back to you on the call. However it's only currently available for US and Canadian residents.

Remember everything
Evernote lets you capture ideas, images, or audio clips from your PC or phone, and then sync them to the cloud for easy retrieval and organisation.

It even works with handwritten notes, turning your chicken scratch into searchable text.

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