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28 time-saving tricks for Google, Facebook and other sites

Time-saving tricks for your favourite websites

You may be using Google, YouTube, Facebook and other websites every day, but are you using them to their full potential? We've put together 28 tips to ensure you speed up your internet abilities.


Texting tips and smartphone secrets

Toggle mobile formatting
Many websites detect your mobile browser and offer up a mobile version of themselves with bigger fonts and simpler formatting.

If a site doesn't do this automatically, try putting m. or mobile. at the front of the web address (URL), as in http://m.pcadvisor.co.uk.

If you want to swap a mobile site into its full, PC design, look for a link at the top or bottom of the page.

Get email as texts
In the US you can have email messages sent to your phone as texts, which can be convenient.

Maybe your RSS reader can forward content as email, and you want to be alerted to updates in a rarely used feed.

Enter your 10-digit mobile phone number prefix and carrier suffix, such as [email protected] However, it currently doesn't work for UK users.

Send text messages from AIM
Your PC can send texts to a mobile phone for free.

Within an AIM client, send a text to the number with + and the country code prefix.

eBay and Craigslist

Mind your eBay reserve
Tiptoe through starting prices when auctioning off an item to save money.

If you're pricing something near eBay's thresholds of £1, £5, £15, £30 and £100, cut back by just a penny to save yourself a little cash, which can add up for high-volume sales.

If you list something at £4.99, eBay charges 15p but if you list it at £5 or above, you'll be charged 25p. For more information, check out the eBay Fees page.

Spell poorly
If you're buying hard-to-spell product, try searching for misspelling or common typos ('playstaion'), or enter * as a text wildcard such as 'playst*'. (eBay will find hits for one or more additional characters.)

You might stumble over auctions that others haven't found - which means less bidding competition.

If selling, enter a few of those errors into your listing to snare misspelled searches (though probably not in the title - you don't want to disappear from the correctly-spelled search results).

Search Craigslist with RSS
Keeping an eye out for a free leather couch on Craigslist?

Save yourself from searching every 10 minutes by setting up an RSS feed for the search results by entering your search within Craigslist and clicking the RSS button in the lower-right to add it to your RSS reader of choice.

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  3. Texting tips and smartphone secrets
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