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The 10 funniest people on Twitter

Their tweets are guaranteed to make you laugh

With its 140-character limit, Twitter is a perfect medium for humour delivered in quick, inspired bursts. These 10 tweeters bring the funny, and then some. Follow PC Advisor at Twitter.com/PCAdvisor.

7. John Hodgman (@hodgman)

Rating: PG

Followers: 2,002

Twitter bio: hodgman=expert.

Yep, the guy in the Apple ads. He's pretty funny on Twitter, too. He spends a lot of tweets replying to his followers, but often has funny and clued-in things to say about technology.

"@randomtweeter I can never be disappointed. You know I find your insane zune loyalty to be strangely touching."

"Table tent in this studio cafeteria reveals that the annual health fair is sponsored by cold stone and fatburger."

8. Tremendous News! (@tremendousnews)

Rating: PG

Followers: 8,950

Twitter bio: Don't follow me if you're really-really smart. You know when your math teacher asked you to carry the 1? I still don't know what that means.

Tremendous News is first and foremost a humour site about culture and technology, and its Twitter feed consists of highly concentrated bits of the humourous stuff posted on the website.

"Please unfollow me if you're lactose intolerant. What? Dairy's too gross for you? Divas."

"5 Ways Cougars Can Use Twitter To Find Prey. http://bt.io/Egu"

"Microsoft Word is reporting that I write at a fifth grade level. Pfft. I'm way smartyer than that."

9. Arj Barker (@arjbarker)

Rating: PG; occasional foul language.

Followers: 24,789

Twitter bio: Wasssuuuuuuuuuuupppp!!!

Barker, perhaps most famous for his appearances in Flight of the Conchords and The Marijuana-Logues, is an always-working, always-traveling comic who likes to tweet his travels and gigs. Sprinkled in are Arj's unique thoughts on, well, just about everything.

"My email ain't workin today at all. No email. Anyone else? I hate to think of all the awesome deals on Viagra i'm missing!!! :"0"

"In Amsterdam. Up at 6 am cus the joggers outside woke me up. Bloody wooden running shoes! ;0"

"Here is a small business which was almost certainly founded by Satan. http://twitpic.com/bu8xe"

10. Fake Michael Bay (@fakemichaelbay)

Rating: PG

Followers: 928

Twitter bio: Better than you. (Not affiliated with the real michael bay)

I have no idea who dreamed up this account, but its portrayal of a massive ego that loves to tweet never fails to satisfy.

The real Michael Bay is the macho Hollywood director/producer who brought us such landmark films as Transformers and Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning .

And Fake Michael Bay has no end of fun making light of the many clichés on which (real) Bay's movie plots - and public persona - rest. (Fake Michael Bay would have ranked much higher on this list, but the most recent tweet in the feed dates back to May!)

"FYI: Bullets cannot hit you if you are either laying down or in a convertible."

"Some people say that my hyper-masculinity is overcompensation for my betrayed homoerotic leanings fueled by 180mph car crashes. My Answer: ?"

"No homeless guy, I do not have any spare money. Particularly after spending $175 on this Whole Foods Salad."

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  2. Stephen Colbert, Meeting Boy and Baron Vaughn
  3. John Hodgman, Tremendous News and Arj Barker
  4. An honourable mention

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