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Broadband Survey 2009: 14 best UK ISPs

PC Advisor's verdict on Broadband Britain

Frustrating at times but impossible to live without, web access is too vital to settle for sub-standard service. PC Advisor analyses what 6,500 of you had to say about your broadband experiences, which ISPs are best, and how to get cheaper broadband.


Star ratingBoth BT and BT Yahoo customers were largely happy with their connections, but overall satisfaction ratings for BT Yahoo were noticeably higher than for BT itself.

Both reported good connection reliability, but only 44.2 percent of BT Broadband customers said they can get anything like the connection speed they believe they pay for; given that BT provides the infrastructure for most ADSL services, it seems reasonable that people expect a fast web connection.

However, customers were hardly up in arms – 70 percent said they were either happy with or merely ambivalent about the speeds they routinely enjoy. Just over 50 percent of customers are on the 5Mbps to 8Mbps tariff.

Aside from the connection issue, we were surprised by the divergence in perception between the BT and BT Yahoo customer bases. BT got a moderate-to-good report but a high recommendation rating. There were some grumbles about tech support and speeds, but the overall perception is good. As a result, the ISP has a loyal base of customers who have stayed with it for years.

BT Vision is a strong pull for some customers, while a solid 26 percent enjoy its home Wi-Fi setup. A higher proportion of BT customers than any other use the mobile web in some form.

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BT Yahoo

Star ratingAs mentioned below left, BT Yahoo outshone its host in our survey. Users gave their ISP a resounding thumbs-up, with a full 90 percent of customers saying they were generally satisfied or very satisfied. Most intriguing was that the technical support and customer care ratings for BT Yahoo were noticeably higher than BT’s, topping 70 percent in both categories. Be, Demon, Plusnet and 02 were the only other ISPs to score so highly in these areas.

BT Yahoo users would like to see improvements on the reliability and speed front, but their 5Mbps to 8Mbps connection, often bundled with VoIP, landline or mobile phone services, does them very nicely given the typical outlay of £15 to £20 per month for an unlimited off-peak connection.

A high proportion of users get online using a Mac.

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Broadband Advisor

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  8. ISP reviews: Talk Talk & Tiscali
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