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Broadband Survey 2009: 14 best UK ISPs

PC Advisor's verdict on Broadband Britain

Frustrating at times but impossible to live without, web access is too vital to settle for sub-standard service. PC Advisor analyses what 6,500 of you had to say about your broadband experiences, which ISPs are best, and how to get cheaper broadband.

Broadband survey 2009: ISP report cards


Star ratingAOL used to be the internet service you used when you first discovered the internet. In fact, for many years, PC Advisor carried the AOL setup disc on its cover so you could get online and get yourself an internet subscription. These days, it’s rather a faded star, offering only fairly standard broadband deals with a discount if you also take its parent company The Carphone Warehouse’s TalkTalk landline phone service.

Despite being bought by Carphone Warehouse three years ago, the AOL brand persists and a solid number of survey respondents told us they continue to be customers. Almost all AOL broadband customers are exclusively PC users and it seems many of you enjoy either very generous or unlimited broadband for between £10 and £15 a month.

While offering good value, AOL wasn’t the most highly recommended of ISPs – only half of its customers in our survey said they’d recommend it to a friend. Some AOL customers reported problems accessing the BBC’s iPlayer services, while others claimed they were penalised for living in remote locations.

On the flip side, several customers gleefully told us that having been with AOL for a number of years they get unrestricted downloads and happily do their best to make full use of untrammelled web access.

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Be Broadband

Star ratingBe arrived with a bang in 2005, offering very fast connections to a select number of customers. The Scandinavian firm provided only ADSL2 connections and installed its own equipment in its chosen exchanges. This immediately did away with the 'it’s all BT's fault' argument often cited by ISPs, but also revived the whole issue of the digital divide in terms of fast broadband. It was initially only urban telephone exchanges that were enabled by Be – any other strategy would have been commercial suicide.

These days, more than 1,240 exchanges contain Be’s ADSL2+ hardware and the ISP is able to offer up to 30Mbps connections to around 22 percent of the country. Be Broadband customers had the greatest concentration of 20Mbps+ connections, despite the domination of Virgin Media in this survey.

If you want really fast broadband and can’t get cable, Be is worth looking into.

It’s also worth noting that Be is now owned by 02, so there’s a chance that by choosing O2 you may eventually get switched to a faster but not necessarily so stable Be ADSL2+ connection.

RecommendedBe Broadband gets a PC Advisor ISP Awards 2009 Recommended Award.

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Broadband Advisor

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